Expenditure Update: March 14

All right, I will admit it, expenses are creeping up. March’s expenses amounted to a pretty hefty $4,632 in the end.

I might be too hard on myself for this month since there were trips to the dentist and quite a few wedding dinners. But there’s no denying that we are spending quite a bit more on food. For a self-acclaimed fan of ERE, having an expenditure of more than $1,000 for food is really stretching it. And for the past quarter, the average expenditure worked out to an almost embarrassing $4,300 a month.

For the past month, there were separate episodes when both of us were frustrated with our jobs (i.e. felt that things were not going smoothly). It was especially bad for me as I fell sick again with a bad flu and when I was off the medicine, had insomnia for the whole night. Seems like my body can sense how much I detest waking up to work by making itself fall sick, no? 

And like most others, we tried to make our lives more bearable by spending a bit more money. For us, that just meant eating out at better places more often.

Something’s gotta give…

Anyway, below is the detailed breakdown for this month’s expenses:


Eating Out: $975.95

Hawker ($286.75) – This amount seems fairly reasonable for the two of us although we have noticed some hawkers increasing their prices recently. No?

Fast Food ($41.10) – Besides a Mac meal for both of us and two Subway sandwiches, we had KFC recently too! Missed the mashed potatoes and Mountain Dew but surprisingly after a couple of mouthfuls, the craving was gone. Hmm…

Restaurants ($648.10) – Heavily jacked up due to a seafood treat that set us back by $250. A couple of treats here and there and we went to Genki Sushi to take a look at its high-tech services after they were mentioned in DPM Tharman’s Budget Speech (bet you didn’t know this?)

Groceries: $76.40

Supermarket ($6.50) – We are finishing up those NTUC vouchers slowly but surely

Wet market ($56) – A trip to Kovan wet market for some pork ribs, fishes, vegetables and biscuits

Bakery ($13.90) – Had some healthy breakfasts when we brought fruits to the office

Beverages & Snacks: $22.20

Beverages ($2) – Two sugar cane drinks

Snacks ($20.20) – A St Marc Jap ice cream dessert (with ex-colleagues) and a trip to Ya Kun formed the bulk of the costs

Utilities: $140.03

Electricity, Gas & Water ($81.30) – Expected to increase with the hot and dry spell in the middle of the year

Cellphones ($58.73) – Still retaining my phone but I guess the IPhone 4 will probably be gone by next month

Transport: $175

1 cab trip, 2 EZ Reload transactions for her and 1 for me.

Departmental: $266.90

Clothing ($231.90) – Had to buy 2 shirts specifically for work purposes and Mrs 15HWW had field days shopping the past week. =p

Electronics ($35) – Bought a Casio watch that would allow me to time my laps in the pool.

Miscellaneous: $1,005.10

Medical ($143) – 1 visit to the doctor for me and a trip to the dentist for the both of us. Costs are still low as my expenses are 85% subsidised by my employer

Others ($5.10) – Another haircut for me. The irony that a person with less hair has to cut his hair more often =p

Gifts & Treats ($857.00) – 3 wedding dinners (both of us attended for two) plus my promotion treats meant a big figure for this segment

Total: $2,661.58

Overall Total: $4,631.58 (included fixed expenses of $1,970)


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12 thoughts on “Expenditure Update: March 14

  1. B

    I just finished my Mar expenses with my wife and we amounted to $3,500 for the month of Mar. Its creeping up knowing some things are unavoidable but as long as sensible plans are made you and mrs hww should be fine ,;)

    1. My 15 HWW Post author

      Hi B,

      A higher than average income helps. Guess we are still saving >50% of our incomes, so can still be considered sensible ba. With a baby arriving soon for yr, higher expenses should be celebrated! =p

  2. SG Young Investment

    Wow, your restaurants meals and wedding dinners/gifts and treats were the main culprits. Things such as weddings are unavoidable and promotion treats is a must too. So I think still not too bad since you got promoted and got better pay? Haha.

    But I think 4600 plus expenses a month is still quite a lot. The amount is enough for a family of 4 plus a car included to live comfortably.

    1. My 15 HWW Post author

      Hi SGYI,

      Yes, I do feel abit of lifestyle inflation setting in. A bit unsure whether it’s healthier to indulge it or nip it in the bud.

      I did get a substantial increment but becoming increasingly unhappy in the workplace too. Likely to be a temporary enjoyment?

      Plus a car? Think car expenses plus an average mortgage would likely set a couple back by $2,500. My estimate is that a household income of $6k is probably the bare minimum to cover the average expenses of a family of 4.

      1. SG Young Investment

        Hi 15HWW,

        I think its better to work in somewhere you enjoy. Many will say it’s a dream to enjoy your work but I do enjoy my work and like my current workplace environment. Its possible to find one.

        For a car, I mean a second hand car. Haha.. Buying a completely new car would be an entirely different story.

        1. B


          May we know what line are you in? At least in my line theres never going to be anyone who says I enjoy it 😉

          1. SGYI

            Hi 15HWW,

            I’m working as an engineer. Need to travel around Singapore quite frequently. Maybe because it’s not desk bound that’s why its more interesting.

  3. Henry Tiong

    Wow, really like the level of detail, even though I can’t see myself doing the same. Some discipline you have! Clap clap* Jiayou.

    Dude! Need the tip on how you managed to have a $5.10 haircut? Usually go for the $10-12 quick fix QB cuts whenever I can find them.

    But my frequency probably make up for the difference, I tend to push it till around 3 months before I decided to part with the hair and the money.

    For public transport, ever considered participating in Insinc rewards? My wife and myself have recouped a large part of our MRT expenses through accumulating the points and winning cash rewards from the online games.

    1. My 15 HWW Post author

      Hi Henry,

      Recording expenses is becoming a habit but these days, instead of 99% accuracy, it’s probably closer to 95%.

      Think Snip Avenue provides very cheap haircuts. If I am not wrong, in some other estates, it’s even cheaper at $4 plus.

      Yeah, I am on Insinc. Instead of going for the spin, I go for the steady redeeming of points. Think I receive about $2 bucks of cashback every month. And thanks for the tip anyway!

      On a similar note, just read about the 360 OCBC Deposit Account. Gives up to 3% of interest after some easy to fulfil conditon. Seems a good place to park cash. I am likely to sign up soon and do check it out!

      1. Henry Tiong

        Thanks for the Snip Avenue tip! Just found one near where I am staying. Will try it out~~

        For Insinc, I let my wife play the accumulated points (going for the spin). It’s been a year or so, maybe we are lucky with our games.

        I am on $106 and my wife $86 to date. I accumulate points quite fast as I travel from north to south daily during off-peak hours.

        Just informed my wife on the OCBC deposit you shared. She is in charge of the cash deployment, me stocks.


  4. nat

    what about housing loan,taxes,insurance, conservancy charges, amount given to parents and all? could you update the figures to show a more accurate reflection of expenses. thanks