Passive Income Update: January 15

As the STI continues its steady and slow climb towards the 3,500 mark, many investors are lamenting lost opportunities. The cry that I hear very often: “MOST STOCKS are becoming far too expensive! I have missed the boat…”

But is that really a logical statement?

Not according to me. If you have read this article, you will realise that the STI is just an index of 30 companies, which is just a small percentage of the total number of companies listed on the SGX. As Singtel continues its upward climb everyday or every day, there are companies like MTQ that are languishing near its 2-year lows.

Heck, even STI constituents are not created equal and companies like Sembcorp and Dairy Farm are trading at 3-year lows. (On a side note, the October and November trades are coming back to haunt me.) So it’s somewhat true that even in a bull market, there are gems to be found.


Nonetheless, there’s no doubt we are keeping in mind our asset allocation strategy. Therefore, I am still holding back on some purchases and the priority on this front now is to just accumulate more cash. Yeah, more cash to max out those two OCBC 360 accounts. =)

And with CNY just around the corner, here’s wishing all readers a Happy Lunar New Year!

HUAT ah!  😛


Dividends received in January 15: $380

MTQ: $200

Boustead: $180

Dividends received YTD: $380


Details of my updated portfolio are shown below.


Stocks (As at 16th February 2015)

Stock Share Amt Share Price Valuation Dividend Est. Income
Vicom 4,000 $6.530 $26,120 $0.2250 $900.00
Kingsmen 17,000 $0.965 $16,405 $0.0400 $680.00
Boustead 9,000 $1.750 $15,750 $0.0700 $630.00
ST Engg 4,000 $3.440 $13,760 $0.1500 $600.00
Wilmar 4,000 $3.300 $13,200 $0.0800 $320.00
Spindex 24,000 $0.535 $12,840 $0.0180 $432.00
Semb Corp 3,000 $4.220 $12,660 $0.1700 $510.00
OCBC 1,200 $10.420 $12,504 $0.3400 $408.00
First Reit 8,000 $1.350 $10,800 $0.0752 $601.60
Dairy Farm 900 $11.700 $10,530 $0.3000 $270.00
PLife Reit 4,000 $2.420 $9,680 $0.1075 $430.00
MTQ 10,000 $0.860 $8,600 $0.0440 $440.00
SGX 1,000 $8.200 $8,200 $0.2800 $280.00
M1 2,000 $3.850 $7,700 $0.2100 $420.00
LKH 10,000 $0.740 $7,400 $0.0300 $300.00
Challenger 16,500 $0.440 $7,260 $0.0252 $415.80
Super Grp 4,000 $1.150 $4,600 $0.0450 $180.00
Total $198,009 $7,817.40

Others (As at 16th February 2015)

Asset Valuation Est. Income
OCBC 360 Account A $50,000 $1,500
OCBC 360 Account B $30,000 $600
Total $80,000 $2,100

Total Valuation = $278,009

Total Est. Annual Income = $9,917.40


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8 thoughts on “Passive Income Update: January 15

  1. Musicwhiz

    As long as the banks are languishing, I doubt the index can go beyond 3,500. Look for loan losses and higher provisioning.

    1. My 15 HWW Post author

      Hi Musicwhiz,

      I reckon I am pretty bad at predicting short term trends. About a year back, I was bullish. Half a year ago, I was a little more pessimistic, and now I am back to being bullish again? LOL

  2. My Dividend Pipeline

    Congrats on the passive income for January. It looks like you have a solid portfolio generating income for you. As far as stocks becoming too expensive, people have been saying that for over five years in the US. Market timing usually doesn’t pay off in the long run.


    1. My 15 HWW Post author

      Hi My Dividend Pipeline,

      Thanks for dropping by. I am always amazed that this Singapore-centric blog of mine is able to attract international audiences.

      You’ve got a great blog there and may your dividend pipeline grow bigger day by day! =)

  3. Newbie

    Hello hww

    Im new to investing and found ur blog very useful, thanks for sharing all the information!
    And heres my question, how do u buy dairy farm stock?

    1. My 15 HWW Post author

      Hi Newbie,

      You can buy shares of Dairy Farm directly from SGX. You probably need to open up an online brokerage account first though.

      And thanks for your kind words. Glad my writing was of some help and hopefully it managed to entertain you too. =p