Portfolio Update: April 2016

1. Core Portfolio

I bought 3,000 shares of STI ETF @$2.85 and 40 more of Berkshire B @$140.50 to increase my equity exposure in this core portfolio. Both assets are getting closer to my “desired” proportion and I would continue to add if the opportunity arises.

I am still waiting for the SSBs to go above 2.5% and if it doesn’t happen, I would be open to looking at longer-term SGS bonds or even corporate bonds to balance this portfolio.

Asset Avg Bought Amount Price Valuation Allocation
STI ETF $2.92 12,800 $2.87 $36,736 32.0%
Berkshire B $134.50* 120 $142.37* $23,064 20.1%
SSBs $1.00 15,000 $1.00 $15,000 13.1%
Cash (SGD) $1.00 40,000 $1.00 $40,000 34.8%
Total       $114,800 100.0%

*The two numbers are in USD

2. Local Stock Portfolio

Stock Amount Price Valuation Allocation
Kingsmen 27,700 $0.675 $18,698 15.78%
ST Engg 4,000 $3.280 $13,120 11.07%
OCBC 1,200 $9.040 $10,848 9.16%
PLife Reit 4,000 $2.440 $9,760 8.24%
Semb Corp 3,000 $3.050 $9,150 7.72%
Ho Bee 4,500 $2.190 $9,855 8.32%
HK Land 1,000 $8.500 $8,500 7.17%
MCT 6,000 $1.435 $8,610 7.27%
Boustead 9,000 $0.825 $7,425 6.27%
Genting 8,000 $0.845 $6,760 5.71%
MTQ 10,000 $0.500 $5,000 4.22%
M1 2,000 $2.500 $5,000 4.22%
Super Grp 4,000 $0.985 $3,940 3.33%
Bou Proj 2,700 $0.670 $1,809 1.53%
Total $118,475 100.00%

I got a chance to exit a very illiquid counter, Low Keng Huat @$0.605. Including the dividends received over the years, it was a very small loss.

Going forward, this portfolio’s aim would be to complement the core portfolio by creating some cashflow in the form of dividends. The portfolio is currently yielding about 4.5% and I will be trying to reach for a sustainable 5% in the long run.

3. Emergency Funds

Sadly, I have procrastinated on topping up my CPF accounts. If the market shows further indications that it is on a longer bull run, perhaps I would take more concrete action.

That said, we would no longer pay for the mortgage out of my OA account.

As for currencies, the weakening of the USD is tempting me to exchange a further $2,000 and bring the emergency funds closer to the desired $100,000.

Asset Amount
CPF OA $35,000
Cash (SGD) $20,000
FCL Bonds $21,000
Alternative Currencies $15,000
Total $91,000

This update came a little earlier this month as I will be on vacation from tomorrow! Therefore, don’t expect any updates to this blog for the next week. So looking forward to getting away from this foul hot weather.


6 thoughts on “Portfolio Update: April 2016

    1. My 15 HWW Post author


      I just use iOCBC for the convenience since I am also using the same platform for local stocks.

  1. Janice

    I am keen to invest in Berkshire B shares. Do I engage a remiser or a stock broker from a securities house to help me place an order?

    1. My 15 HWW Post author

      Hi Janice,

      A local securities house would do, although one would have to pay custodian fees to them. You can also check out some of the online brokers if you would prefer to lower the fees involved.

      1. Janice

        Thanks. I will go check it out. By the way, someone told me to diversify my portfolio by buying ETFs for bonds and gold. I have started buying STI ETF lately. What’s your take on ETFs for bonds and gold?

        1. My 15 HWW Post author

          Hi Janice,

          I personally use bonds as a stabiliser for my portfolio as they tend to be less volatile than stocks. As for gold, I see it more as an alternative currency for hedging rather than an investment tool.