Portfolio Update: June 2016

A little commentary on the market and of course, Bremain or Brexit that is looming over the horizon.

People are saying the polls are split and Brexit might even have the edge. But I seriously think that’s bollocks, after the Scottish referendum experience. I really doubt people who prefer the status quo bother with polls. Furthermore, the baby boomers and elderly are one large voting bloc which I feel will largely vote according to their vested interests.

And if staying in EU will make their holidays cheaper and preserve the value of their portfolio, that’s what they are going to vote for.

Of course, I could be wrong. But that would mean the bookmakers would be very wrong too, since Bremain is a big favourite at the betting markets. A $10 bet would only give you $3 of winnings if you’re on the same side as me.

1. Core Portfolio

Nope, no action this month. With the smaller amount of savings we are adding per month, it would generally require a quarter to build up enough to warrant even one action.

And with the market just going sideways (although it seems to be threatening to go down much further), the value of the core portfolio remained at around $114,000.

Asset Avg Bought Amount Price Valuation Allocation
STI ETF $2.92 12,800 $2.82 $36,096 31.7%
Berkshire B $134.50* 120 $140.45 $22,753 20.0%
SSBs $1.00 15,000 $1.00 $15,000 13.2%
Cash (SGD) $1.00 40,000 $1.00 $40,000 35.1%
Total $113,849 100.0%

2. Local Stock Portfolio

No wheeling and dealing on this front too. I have largely accepted that I have generally not been very adept at identifying opportune times for selling. Therefore, instead of retching up transaction costs, I would probably just hold most of my stuff for the long run.

With a slight $2k increase in the value of the portfolio, you could argue that I went through May with flying colours? Sell in May and go away? Nah, I am not a market timer.

Stock Amount Price Valuation Allocation
ST Engg 6,500 $3.110 $20,215 15.58%
Kingsmen 27,700 $0.635 $17,590 13.56%
Ho Bee 4,500 $2.280 $10,260 7.91%
OCBC 1,200 $8.450 $10,140 7.81%
PLife Reit 4,000 $2.420 $9,680 7.46%
MCT 6,000 $1.450 $8,700 6.70%
Semb Corp 3,000 $2.820 $8,460 6.52%
CCT 6,000 $1.385 $8,310 6.40%
HK Land 1,000 $8.100 $8,100 6.24%
Boustead 9,000 $0.795 $7,155 5.51%
Genting 8,000 $0.730 $5,840 4.50%
MTQ 10,000 $0.530 $5,300 4.08%
M1 2,000 $2.520 $5,040 3.88%
Super Grp 4,000 $0.835 $3,340 2.57%
Bou Proj 2,700 $0.605 $1,634 1.26%
Total $129,763 100.00%

3. Emergency Funds

The only thing I am letting on is that I am interested in getting a little more exposure to bullion.

Asset Amount
CPF OA $38,000
Cash (SGD) $20,000
FCL Bonds $21,000
Alternative Currencies $15,000
Total $94,000


10 thoughts on “Portfolio Update: June 2016

  1. Phil

    I don’t know about Brexit, and I’m quite worried. I’ve spoken to several otherwise sane and rational people who have declared they are voting to Leave.

    1. My 15 HWW Post author

      Hi Bruce,

      It’s been 5 years since I started work. Although you could also say I took a one year break in between.

      Anyway, the portfolio is a combined one with my wife, in case you are wondering how I manage to accumulate this amount of money alone.

  2. Fred

    Hi Thomas

    Impressive portfolio. Read like an Index. Why don’t you focus on a few growth stock to increase your margin?

  3. inchv

    may i know which broker you use to buy foreign shares? sorry you may have mentioned it somewhere else in your blog.

  4. Anthony

    Hello, I would like to check with you on Super group. Do you still feel that it is a good buy in your opinion?

    1. My 15 HWW Post author

      Hi Anthony,

      On this blog, I don’t provide much (or maybe any) analysis on specific stocks.

      I can only say that at this point in time, my small entry in Super Group seems like a mistake.