Portfolio Update: October 2016

A big announcement here as I have outsourced part of my portfolio to BigFatPurse by being a member of their CNAV program. This is part of an overall inclination to spend less time monitoring the market, achieve respectable returns and diversify across various strategies.

I will probably allocate a post to talk about this again nearer the end of the year and revamp the updating of this monthly portfolio. It’s getting increasingly messy.

During the past few weeks, I actually purchased a couple of CNAV stocks in this anaemic market to increase my exposure to equities. But other than that, it’s basically still holding on and hoping that buy and hold works decently well in the long run.

1. Core Portfolio


I have set myself a target to add at least one tranche of Berk B shares by the end of the year and even though the price has come down slightly, the appreciation of the USD has actually neutralised the price drop. Uggh…

Asset Avg Bought Amount Price Valuation Allocation
STI ETF $2.92 12,800 $2.88 $36,864 31.8%
Berkshire B $134.50* 120 $144.30 $24,069 20.8%
SSBs $1.00 15,000 $1.00 $15,000 12.9%
Cash (SGD) $1.00 40,000 $1.00 $40,000 34.5%
Total $115,933 100.0%

2. Local Stock Portfolio

I think the story today is M1’s poor results and honestly, it’s one of my worst mistakes to purchase M1 at around $3.50 about 2 years ago. The oligopoly model isn’t holding up and the threat of the 4th telco has already eroded margins even before the entry of the 4th telco.

The saving grace is that I only bought 2 lots then and it’s currently a small part of my portfolio and I have little inclination to average down.

I guess when you diversify as much as I do, the pain of a fall in price of a stock isn’t that acutely felt. But the downside is that returns tend to be mediocre. But a mediocre return of around 5-7% per annum could be just what I require to slowly preserve and increase our wealth.

Interestingly, the portfolio is up by around 1k compared to a month ago.

Stock Amount Price Valuation Allocation
ST Engg 6,500 $3.160 $20,540 16.30%
Kingsmen 27,700 $0.660 $18,282 14.51%
MCT 10,000 $1.535 $15,350 12.18%
HK Land 1,000 $9.674 $9,674 7.68%
CCT 6,000 $1.565 $9,390 7.45%
UOL 1,500 $5.790 $8,685 6.89%
SingPost 5,500 $1.515 $8,333 6.61%
Boustead 9,000 $0.895 $8,055 6.39%
Semb Corp 3,000 $2.560 $7,680 6.09%
Genting 8,000 $0.770 $6,160 4.89%
M1 2,000 $2.210 $4,420 3.51%
MTQ 10,000 $0.400 $4,000 3.17%
Super Grp 4,000 $0.870 $3,480 2.76%
Bou Proj 2,700 $0.735 $1,985 1.57%
Total $126,033 100.00%

3. Emergency Funds

Gold prices have fallen slightly and I am standing by waiting to add a bit more bullion to further diversity my holdings.

Asset Amount
CPF OA $39,000
Cash (SGD) $20,000
FCL Bonds $21,000
Alternative Currencies $23,000
Total $103,000

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One thought on “Portfolio Update: October 2016

  1. STE

    Hi ,
    Interesting! First time I heard about ” portfolio” outsourcing..look forward to know how you do that ! 🙂
    Cheers !