Investors Exchange 2017 (29 July)

I often get emails from readers asking me “How/What/Where Should I Invest?”

Honestly, it’s tough to give anything more than a generic answer. Even when the reader provides me a bit more in terms of details or context, I am only just able to value-add a little (at most).

After all, I am just one individual and I am definitely no expert in investing. Moreover, I also believe that no individual has a monopoly on all the good investing ideas.

Therefore, if you are looking for more information and more help with regards to investing, I cannot think of a better immediate suggestion than attending Investors Exchange 2017.


BigScribe, an initiative started by numerous local financial bloggers (including me), has managed to invite 7 prominent speakers for this event. Since the 7 of them are exploring different topics ranging from value investing in stocks to property investing to dividend investing, I am sure a participant will gain valuable insights from this event.

What I Am Personally Looking Forward To:

  • Former SPH Journalist and author of “Show Me The Money” Series Teh Hooi Ling speaking about why she choose to invest in equities and what are some ways to beat buy-and-hold index returns

  • Macro Investor Xeo Lye will be showing us how he navigates an economic cycle and how to interpret economic trends and apply it to our investing

  • Vina Ip (a.k.a. Property Soul) will share some of the common mistakes of first-time buyers of private properties. Since I will fulfil my MOP for my flat in a few months’ time, this is definitely an area I am keen to learn more from.
  • Fellow financial blogger and friend Christopher Ng (Tree Of Prosperity) will share with you 3 essential skillsets to reach Financial Independence (FI) like him. His talks are always very entertaining and I always learn something new from his research on a specific topic.

So grab your tickets now, and take advantage of the early bird promotion that ends in two weeks’ time:

Even though there has been little marketing done so far (I am one of the first few bloggers to share this), many tickets have already been snapped up. I am sure the tickets will be sold out weeks before the date of the event on 29 July.

All previous BigScribe events sold out within a week as participants know the amount of value they receive from the talks vastly exceed their ticket fees.

So hurry up and reserve your seat now by clicking on this link


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