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Besides the convenient way of leaving a comment at the bottom of my posts, I know that some of you could be more inclined to email me instead due to a number of reasons. Being a perceptive man, I tried to list all of them down below:

a) You absolutely love my articles but you are too embarrassed to gush it all out in the comments section. After all, everyone’s too shy to allow the whole of Singapore (my fat hope) a taste of their innermost feelings towards me.

b) You’re inspired by my posts and want to thank me in person (treat me to coffee or a meal). I am grateful for that but actually, all you need to do as a start would be to like my Facebook page (you should be able to see it on the right).

c) You read some of the posts and end up shaking your head profusely. If you hold a different view from me and you are also ready to engage in a long-drawn discussion/debate with me, it’s Game On!

d) You want to share your story/situation and seek some friendly advice but would prefer some privacy. Email’s the way then! I promise I will never betray your trust unless you give explicit permission/demand me to publish it on the blog.

e) From my writings, you realise that I could be the tutor your child needs. Lucky you since I am also thinking of taking in more students at this point. Since you wouldn’t want the whole world to know that your kid just did badly in Math, any discussion would then be best served through email.

Yup, that’s it. If there’s anything else I had missed out, you could also drop me an email. I have tried to make this easier for you by placing a contact form below. You just need to fill it up. Otherwise you could also email me at

And you don’t have to worry (like me when I just started the blog) that there’s no audience for your writing. At this stage of my blogging career, I really do read and cherish every comment/email. 🙂

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