Expenses Update: May 2016

These days, there is no respite with regards to our spending.

From letting loose on Friday nights (alternating between crabs and Peking duck @Tunglok restaurants) to buying a new iPhone 6s Plus to upgrading my mobile plan, the money is really rolling…… but just not in.

But well, we are enjoying ourselves, especially with regards to the food. If not for the expanding waistline, we would probably continue to expand our food budget.

The bright side is that our expenses are just increasing rather marginally and we are probably still saving at least 40% of our income.

And yes, despite all of this, our expenditure still came in below $4,000 for May.

Eating Out: $793.70

Hawker ($224.50)We are spending less on this category because I am eating out more often in restaurants during lunch. Er hem…

Fast Food ($38.60) – In light of the expanding waistline, I might have to impose drastic measures and implement a “no Fast Food” month soon.

Restaurants ($530.60) – Through some credit card perks and discount, we are getting some good deals at what we consider as “atas” restaurants. Expenses are bumped up, but we feel we are getting more value for money when we can get fresh crabs and tasty Peking duck and still manage to keep it at around $40/pax.

Groceries: $78.60

Supermarket ($78.60) – The usual fruits, veggie, some tidbits and ice-cream!

Beverages & Snacks: $66.20

Snacks ($66.20) – I gave a friend and his sister a treat at Gelare as part of a small celebration. A slice of pizza from Pezzo and some snacks from our trip to JB this month.

Utilities: $780.51

Electricity, Gas & Water ($90.11) – Electricity usage was at 283kWh for this month. 15KWh of gas and 7.4 Cu M of water make up the rest of the utility bill.

Cellphones ($690.40) – The iPhone 6s Plus, together with some accessories like the cover and screen protector, adds up to almost $600. Within a month, I am already used to the much bigger screen. If this isn’t an example of being on the hedonic treadmill, I don’t know what is. I am justifying it by convincing myself this will increase my productivity. Hah!

Transport: $160

1 EZ Reload transaction for me and 2 for the Mrs. A cab ride to a friend’s place was heavily subsidised by Uber since it was our first time using the app.

Miscellaneous: $271

Clothing ($224) – A refresh of some basic necessities. Socks, underwear and some T-shirts.

Personal Items ($47) – Moisturizer for the Mrs.

Total: $2,150.01

Overall Total: $3,972.01 (included fixed expenses of $1,822)



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