Reading is good in so many ways.

It allows us to build up knowledge, pass time productively, provides many hours of pleasure and even save money!

But try as you might, it’s impossible to be able to read every book in the world. And even if you can, you wouldn’t want to. Sometimes, a book is so bad that it can really be a total waste of your time.

And since you are a loyal reader of this humble blog, I am going to try a little to help you avoid the worst by recommending some of the best books I have ever read. I have even written book reviews of them in case you need a preview before picking them up.  😛

The Secret Of Shelter Island

A Guide To The Good Life, The Ancient Art Of Stoic Joy

The Millionaire Next Door

Growing Your Tree Of Prosperity

The Next 100 Years: A Forecast For The 21st Century

Financial Joy

The New Good Life

The Singapore Permanent Portfolio

Money: Master The Game


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