Expenditure Update: December 13

2013 is over and it’s time to wrap up the expenses for the year with the December numbers. With lots of merrymaking, meeting up with friends and family, Dec is also the month which I have spent the most (excluding vacation expenses) since I started recording expenses again some months ago. We spent $4,087.38 this month, buying gifts, hosting dinners and having a jolly good time.

Below is the detailed breakdown for this month’s expenses:


Eating Out: $828.40

Hawker ($273.55) – Pretty standard, although slightly above the norm.

Fast Food ($38) – 2 to 3 Mac meals each and a couple of Subway sandwiches.

Restaurants ($516.85) – A Dim Sum treat for Mrs 15HWW’s family, and a dinner @Ichiban with my siblings and a month of meeting up with friends and families at poshier places all adds up.

Groceries: $87.20

Supermarket ($25.50) – Abnormally low since we are using up vouchers that were given to us as housewarming gifts.

Wet Market ($19.50) – One trip to the wet market since we are out on most evenings during this month.

Bakery ($29.20) – Lifestyle inflation since both of us are having “nicer” breakfasts in the office.

Baking ($13) – Some simple supplies from Phoon Huat as Mrs 15HWW made some tiramisu during Christmas.

Beverages & Snacks: $46.50

Beverages ($28) – Mrs 15HWW made a visit to Timbre for some drinks with her friends

Snacks ($18.50) – A dessert treat for the both of us at this Nana Japanese place.

Utilities: $146.51

Electricity, Gas & Water ($87.78) – Pretty consistent and fair for a 5-room flat. The rainy season helps to lower energy costs to cool down the flat.

Cellphones ($58.73) – Two M1 iPhone Value+ plans with no excess usage.

Transport: $184.4

3 cab trips, 2 EZ Reload transactions for her and 1 for me.

Departmental: $83

Clothing ($50) – One top and a pair of shoes for the lady

Personal Items ($4) – A short trip to Daiso.

Toys ($29) – Bought a soft toy from Craftholic for Mrs 15HWW which she had craved for more than a year.

Miscellaneous: $488.85

Others ($198.80) – Hosted a group of friends for Christmas and ordered some food for the event. We also hired a part-time cleaner who helped us with some spring cleaning.

Gifts ($290.05) – Deserves a separate column this time. Christmas presents took up the bulk of these expenses.

Insurance/Medical: $252.52

Both of us went for a thorough health screening. My idea of a Christmas present for us. =p Especially since the last comprehensive one I had was probably the pre-NS screening while she never ever did one.  😮  And luckily, except for some minor issues, a clean bill of health was declared for us.

Total: $2,117.38

Overall Total: $4,087.38 (included fixed expenses of $1,970)


If we add up Aug to Dec’s expenses and spread it all out, we have spent about $3,840 a month on average in the 2nd half of 2013.

Although it’s above the $3,500 I need to keep under $40,000 for a full year (part of my 2014 goals), the consolation is that I ain’t really that far away from $3,500. Perhaps cut down by another 10%? Anyway, since I am pretty serious at maintaining this recording of expenses for the full year in 2014, we should be able to find out around 365 days later. =)


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4 thoughts on “Expenditure Update: December 13

  1. SGYI

    Always love your expenditure update. I’m amazed at how much spending power you have. I definitely do not have enough income to spend that much. No wonder i always tell myself its not time for me to start a family yet ;p

    I’m curious after all your expenses, how much are you able to save per month?

    1. My 15 HWW Post author

      Hi SGYI,

      The update consists of two persons’ expenditure. So from another angle, you can say that even for Dec 2013, I am spending about $1.5k in cash and about $500 from my CPF OA.

      With this, would you still consider that I am spending a lot?

      Think I have mentioned it before that our annual income is in the region of $120k (combined and inclusive of bonuses). Guess you can draw your own conclusions of how much we save from there. :p

      I am actually of the view that it might be financially advantageous to get married early. Essentially, the young couple can lock down the price of the flat earlier.

      1. SG Young Investment

        Hi 15HWW,

        Oh no, I’m not saying that you spend a lot. I know this spending is only a small fraction of your income. :p

        I agree that its good to be married early. But for me my pay would not be enough to get a flat at this time. You know how little diploma holders are paid in Singapore. Maybe it would be enough if its combined income with the other half but it would be very tough life ahead.

        Anyway, there seems to be some headwind for the property market ahead. Prices have just fallen the last quarter which is the first fall in 2 years. May be able to get cheaper flats soon 🙂

  2. earlyretirementsg

    Nice breakdown. I don’t monitor so closely. Personally, I’m sure you and I got space to cut summore, but if you can afford it without letting it go out of control. No real issue. The problem only comes about when start to keep upgrading. Else if cut down all the way with no peaks… then I think life will become really meaningless.

    I used to go for buffet dinners a lot, kept upgrading… from 50/pax, then 100/pax then 200/pax… woah when credit card bill came…. Then I realised I was upgrading all the time which goes against what I believed in. Which is to keep a good constant happiness rather than the exhilaration of a spurt of heavy spending. Else will get used to the high expense rate.