Tribute to Local Personal Finance Bloggers

This is long overdue!

More than half a year has gone by since I published this post on some of my favourite international blogs. They are really amazing but sometimes I do feel left out when they occasionally talk about 401Ks or really cheap cars (if only they exist in Singapore…). And you can’t blame them since we are just a small population of 5 million.

Over at those blogs, there’s no mention about Vicom, the perks of buying a BTO flat or introducing great POSB products. But then, that’s where I guess local blogs (like this one here =p) comes in. Nothing beats local flavours, eh?

So besides re-reading this blog’s posts, you can go to other local blogs I have described below to learn more about personal finance in Singapore and improve your own financial situation. None of them have paid me a single cent and they are also not there because they have agreed to scratch my back too in some other ways.

They are there because I like to read them and have personally benefited from the writing. 


Musicwhiz’s Journey (Archives)

Sadly for me, Musicwhiz stopped blogging since early 2012. However, his valuable writing and analysis remains available at his site.

My above-average investment performance can largely be credited to him. His analysis on companies like Boustead, MTQ and Kingsmen was what convinced me to part with my money when I first started investing directly in companies 3-4 years ago. These 3 shares are currently firmly in the blue (MTQ is a 3 bagger!) even though the STI has remained largely stagnant for the past 3 years.

A Singaporean Stock Investor

AK has a huge following in Singapore and I really wonder how many attended the recent Invest X Congress just to hear him? Just take a look at some of his posts and the amount of comments and discussion they generate. He not only posts regularly, he also responds quickly to everybody too. My feel is that there are actually many people out there who idolises him and follows his every move. (buy/sell)

Besides his selfless sharing of his insights on Reits, I am also hugely impressed with AK’s simple lifestyle. Just look at some of his meals!

Investment Moats

Kyith has been writing on personal finance for almost a decade already and he offers good advice on a wide range of topics, from CPF to value investing to long term market trends. Besides the blog, he shares many useful and interesting articles on Facebook too.

One of the key resources that I find myself gravitating to is this dividend stock tracker that is shown as one of the pages on his blog. There are some useful metrics of high dividend yielding stocks that’s being constantly updated!

Cheerful Egg

Not too hung up about anonymity like so many of us here, Lionel is a self-confessed personal finance geek who espouses automation and passive investing. He’s even written a couple of books on personal finance (one of them is even free!) and he writes really well.

His blog is a good resource for someone who is just starting out and maybe, someone who needs a kick up in his ass. I had been procrastinating on signing up for an EZ-Reload feature on my credit card and one of his posts became the ultimate catalyst to finally getting it done for both the Mrs and me.

Bully the Bear

La Papillion is a self-employed tutor and like Kyith, he’s been blogging for almost a decade. Digging through his archives, I realised that he started off more as a trader but has since developed a preference for longer-term investing.

His sharing on the perks and difficulties of a full-time tutor would likely be useful for someone thinking of pursuing self-employment (which includes yours truly) and he has also set and achieved some lofty goals (saving $50K a year). He’s now advocating more balance and has even encouraged me to be less hard on myself. =)

Singaporean Man Of Leisure

SMOL is a wise man in his 40s who is living already my dream of working a 15 hour work week. Even though many of his articles doesn’t seem relevant to personal finance on the surface, they ultimately are. You just need to think a little bit more and most of his articles are thought-provoking.

He doesn’t really have an investment philosophy and prefers to learn through experience. This is something I can resonate with since the ultimate goal of investing is to earn more and there is definitely more than one method of achieving it.

A Path To Forever Financial Freedom

Probably the first reader of my humble blog back in those days, B is an accountant by training and some of his analysis on Reits have been especially useful for a Reits newbie like me.

Similar to me, he saves a big proportion of his salary and I reckon he will be good company in my financial independence journey. Not surprisingly, he has already amassed a 5 digit passive income before even turning 30. So if you find what I have done impressive, wait till you check him out. =)

SG Young Investment

Like me, SGYI is a young adult who is pretty new to the blogging scene. In fact, he’s even younger than me. Writing regularly, his popularity is surging after articles like these which many Singaporean young adults have found to be immensely useful.

He aims to be a millionaire before he turns 42 in the year 2030 and I think he’s gonna make it because he’s a really frugal lad. His family of 4 spent a total of $2,800 for their recent trip to Taiwan. Kudos to him!


P.S. If any of the description is erroneous or offensive, please pardon me. And I am definitely open to amending them. =)

22 thoughts on “Tribute to Local Personal Finance Bloggers

  1. B

    Hi 15Hww

    Thanks for the mention 🙂

    Indeed local bloggers have certain unique flavors that many other international finance blogs doesn’t touch about. I really hope the community we have here will stay with us so that we can learn from one another.

    I really think we are alike in terms of the demographic, status, stocks and the goals we have. We still have a match to catch up over drinks. I guess once I had tide down from finishing my Master it would be a great time to do so 😉

    1. My 15 HWW Post author

      Hi B,

      Yup. I have learnt so much from other bloggers and felt the need to share what I have synthesised too, culminating in this blog.

      And guess the ultimate payback from blogging is being able to get to know like-minded folks like you. =)

        1. My 15 HWW Post author

          Hi B & Richard,

          It’s ok and I understand. There’s just too many of us blogging about personal finance stuff in the last couple of years and it’s easy to be a bit confused sometimes. Happens to me too. =p

  2. LP

    Hey 15Hww,

    Thanks for mentioning me 🙂 You never mention the ultimate financial blog aggregator – How dare you?!

    Derek, if you hear this, remove him from your blog list LOL

    1. My 15 HWW Post author

      Hi LP,

      No problem. I have learnt a lot from your sharing, especially regarding the difficulties of self-employment, since most of us think the grass is always greener on the other side.

      I really hope Derek is not offended since without him, I could probably still be mumbling to myself. =p

      1. Derek


        Ya, I will be removing his blog soon lol. Kidding la. But it gives me an idea to create a badge or something for bloggers to display.


        I’m glad that my site has served its purpose in reaching out to more like minded people and bring you guys closer to one another.


        1. My 15 HWW Post author

          Hi Derek,

          Hmm, you going to perform QC soon? =p

          A badge seems to be a good idea and if it materializes, I will definitely be putting it up. Thanks for your help during the past year and undeniably, I am still receiving the most traffic from your site.

          1. Derek

            15 HWW,

            Not so much of QC but rather housekeeping. As the community grows, I have to better manage my resources.

            Thanks for the ‘badge’ support. I will inform you when it’s up ya.


    1. My 15 HWW Post author

      Hi SMOL,

      I am an honest dude. Since I haven’t seen you before, not quite right and convincing to label you as handsome yet? LOL

  3. Kyith

    You should give more credit to yourself as a blogger.Good luck for what happens after the garmen job.


    1. My 15 HWW Post author

      Hi Kyith,

      Thanks for your kind comments. One year is still a relatively short time and I would probably congratulate myself more in another couple of years. =)

  4. AK

    Hi 15HWW,

    Aiyoh, paiseh lah. I am just happy to share and happier still if people find my blogs inspiring and make positive changes in their lives. I am no idol (nor guru) although I have received a couple of emails from readers with photos of handsome Korean actors attached thinking I might look like them. Good thing I remain faceless or else I would really disappoint them big time.

    I would say that most local finance bloggers including you have added value to the local investment community. We might not always agree but this has given rise to a diversity of opinions and constructive debates (for the most part). Of course, in any community, there will be some members who are undesirable. A large number of bloggers were affected at one time when we found one blog blatantly plagiarising our blogs. LP and I also recently came across one which is stealing traffic and she is still at large. -.-”

    Well, we can only continue to do what we feel is good and right. Stay civil towards one another and agree to have room to disagree. We are in a small niche for bloggers but we should have big hearts. 🙂

    1. My 15 HWW Post author

      Hi AK,

      Photos of Korean actors? Guess they are just teasing you and I really doubt anybody would be disappointed if you ever cast aside your anonymity.

      Actually it’s good that we disagree from time to time since I find it impossible to agree 100% with another person. If that happens, either one is parroting or there’s some mutual agreement to scratch each other’s back. =p

      It’s actually easier to be nice and agreeable which also explains why I would never dismiss criticisms.

      Glad that you think I have added value to this community. It’s only right since I have also extracted so much from it in the past.

      It’s been fun and enriching talking to you and I still remember those poems we wrote! Hopefully, more to come. =)

  5. Lionel

    Thanks for the shoutout! I think your blog is awesome too and I just started following it.
    You’ve got an engaging writing style and a great clean design. Keep it up 🙂

    1. My 15 HWW Post author

      Hi Lionel,

      Thanks for dropping by and I really appreciate your kind comments.

      Good stuff are meant to be shared and I have learnt so many things from you. Your writing inspires me too! =)

  6. SG Young Investment

    Hi 15HWW,

    Thanks for the mention. I guess I’m late here. Only realise it until now. Lol. Good luck to both of us in life and in blogging. Like I always say, its a journey and let’s enjoy this journey together 🙂

    1. My 15 HWW Post author

      Hi SGYI,

      It’s alright. I am often guilty of replying some comments very late.

      But I guess it’s ok. The blogs are just an extension of us and it shouldn’t occupy all of our time? =p

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