Expenditure Update: June 14

This is my first expenses update as an unemployed and somewhat expectedly, the past month’s expenses came down significantly compared to the previous few months. Since I didn’t have to report to office from 8 to 6 anymore, I have had cheaper meals, fewer transport expenses and generally less desires for “treats” .

In the end, we spent a total of about $3,391 for June 14, which is easily one of the lowest figures since I started this “reporting” on the blog. Adding the expenditures for the first 5 months of the year, we have actually spent an average of $4,520 for the first half of the year. Not exactly kickass results and definitely with room for improvement. Lowering it closer to $4,000 has to be the target.

As every avid follower of this monthly update knows, our monthly expenses are calculated by adding up both the variable expenses and the amortized fixed expenses, and the latter hasn’t been updated since almost a year ago. Therefore, not surprisingly, there has been changes, with some categories more volatile than others (yes Medishield, I am looking at you…)

An update is therefore on the cards but before that, here’s the detailed breakdown for this month’s expenses:


Eating Out: $690.09

Hawker ($271.90) – This could come down next month as I cook more often =)

Fast Food ($44.60) – Pretty hefty. A few Mac meals, a BK breakfast before I attended the BigFatPurse’s VIMC Course and a Double Down Meal with the Mrs after CR7 scored a goal for Portugal last week.

Restaurants ($373.59) – Our perpetual weakness or indulgences. But can be considered value-for-money? 12 meals together which also means that it’s generally less than $35 per meal. And there’s a couple of times when it wasn’t just the two of us, so it’s probably closer to $30 for a restaurant meal.

Groceries: $50.89

Supermarket ($40.49) – I am a big fan of blueberries, especially after I freeze them. They make great snacks although they aren’t cheap. However, when there are promotions, it costs slightly more than $2 per box (125g). I have been having a constant supply for the past month.

Wet market ($2.50) – Bought a new broom and it shows that I haven’t been slacking. I have been doing LOTS of housework the past couple of weeks =p

Bakery ($7.90) – Some bread for breakfast on a few occasions.

Beverages & Snacks: $14.90

Beverages ($6.40) – Good evidence that I am cutting down on sugary drinks!

Snacks ($8.50) – A couple of Mr Bean ice-cream, yoghurts and a Cornish from Secret Recipe

Utilities: $156.90

Electricity, Gas & Water ($98.17) – This is unexpectedly low because the meter is only measured once every two months. Since we switch on the air-con pretty often recently, we are bracing ourselves for a spike up next month.

Cellphones ($58.73) – As usual for the both of us.

Transport: $105.20

1 cab trip and just 1 EZ Reload transaction for each of us.

Departmental: $139.00

Clothing ($139.00) – All are chalked up by Mrs 15HWW. I have more time to accompany her to shop these days. *sigh*

Miscellaneous: $264.00

Gifts & Treats ($239.00) – Father’s Day treat, a colleague’s birthday, a friend’s ROM and an angbao for a baby shower.

Others ($25.00) – Some assessment books again for the student and a movie in JB (<$10 for 2 on a weekday)

Total: $1,420.98

Overall Total: $3,390.98 (included fixed expenses of $1,970)


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11 thoughts on “Expenditure Update: June 14

    1. My 15 HWW Post author

      Hi PIB

      Cooking is an essential life skill that I want to improve on. Can only do the very basic right now, which I feel is not good enough. =p

  1. B

    Nice to see your expenses drastically going down.

    I think it’s due to the less social pressure to spend 😉

    More cooking from the genteleman 😉

    1. My 15 HWW Post author

      Hi B,

      Let’s hope it is sustained in July, especially with less meals out.

  2. LP

    Actually cooking for 2 won’t be much cheaper than buying meals outside, especially after you put in labor costs. it’ll be a lot healthier though, so the benefits are worth it.

    1. My 15 HWW Post author

      Hi LP,

      You are right, especially if I compare with a packet of Cai peng.

      But if one day I can cook as well as those restaurants I frequent, it will be worth it!

  3. SGYI

    I think your expenses are close to mine already of course deducting the fixed cost coz I’m still single and have no liabilities. If I’m married, probably will spend as much as you.

    1. My 15 HWW Post author

      Hi Alvin,

      Frozen blueberries are really very good!

      For someone who finds ice-cream irresistable, it’s actually quite a good and healthy substitute. They make great snacks when I watch movies/Running Man.

      I tried freezing papayas and strawberries and the results aren’t as good as blueberries. You should try it soon!