Expenditure Update: July 14

This is somewhat unexpected, especially after just retiring from my first job.

Our expenses for July actually came up to an astonishing $9,200, which is by far the highest ever recorded. But before you admonish us for being hypocrites who advocate frugality but are just spendthrifts by nature, let me explain further.

Mrs 15HWW has just successfully landed an exciting new job which will start in mid August! This also means that she will be leaving her present employer and clearing some of her entitled leaves in the coming weeks. And since I am also whiling away time at home for now, we have decided to use this opportunity to visit one of my best friends pursuing his Masters in Canberra. I am so looking forward to the weather there!

We will also be travelling to Melbourne and Sydney and this almost-two-weeks trip would begin tomorrow, this Sunday. The plane tickets and the day trips in these two cities help to partially justify the higher expenses in July.

As mentioned, that’s not all. With a significant pay increment accompanying the new job, Mrs 15HWW has also decided to reward herself with a diamond pendant. (Don’t look at me, I watched Blood Diamonds as a teenager and was horrified by it.) But since she has been yearning after one for years, I decided to encourage her to get it and if you spot a beaming gal with some very shiny diamond pendant on the streets, it could really well be her. 😉


Eating Out: $938.05

Hawker ($275.30) – This didn’t come down even though I have started cooking. All right, I know it’s some simple barley that lasted me for a couple of days and I promise to do more in the next few months. 🙁

Fast Food ($44.35) – Enjoyed a Mac breakfast together on one of the weekends and had Burger King for the first time in like more than half a year?

Restaurants ($618.40) – We went a little crazy this month on this section. Maybe the OCBC 365 credit card is to blame? We offered to pay for quite a few treats for the extended family at Tung Lok, Ding Tai Fung and Uncle Leong’s.

Groceries: $76.65

Supermarket ($42.85) – Besides the basic groceries and more fruits, also bought some drinks since I had invited some friends over for dinner and … FIFA!  😛

Wet market ($25.50) – One visit to Kovan market to get a piece of cod fish, some minced meat to make wanton soup and some prawns. Not cheap, eh?

Baking ($4.60) – One slab of butter as Mrs 15HWW baked some brownies for her colleagues on her last working day.

Bakery ($3.70) – This is insignificant this month since we ate mostly fruits and nuts for breakfasts these days.

Beverages & Snacks: $32.40

Beverages ($12.10) – Both of us shared a Starbucks while we were out chilling with our JC classmates.

Snacks ($20.30) – Visited Gelare during a Tuesday and had one waffle with strawberry ice cream… Each. That amounted to $16, the bulk of this category.

Utilities: $153.31

Electricity, Gas & Water ($93.46) – Quite surprised by this acceptable amount and I am actually anticipating a spike next month. Shall see and anyway, this month’s bill is settled by USave.

Cellphones ($59.85) – A slight increase for the Mrs as she utilised some roaming services when we were in JB during one of the weekdays.

Transport: $150.0

2 EZ Reload transaction for her and 1 for me.

Departmental: $326.80

Clothing ($326.80) – Both of us went on a shopping spree. I bought some T-shirts from Uniqlo when they were on sale and going for <$10 (and they are really comfy). The lady bought 3 dresses, a pair of jeans and a pair of winter boots!

Miscellaneous: $5,669.10

Gifts & Treats ($65) – Bought a Man U jersey for the father-in-law in JB as they were on sale and also bought one whole Kueh Lapis for our neighbours as a Hari Raya gift.

Others ($154.10) – Passport renewal for her and a manicure bought on Groupon (obviously not for me). $30 for the domain renewal of this blog has also been included here.  😉

Diamond Pendant ($2,750) – It was a Destinee pendant bought from Lee Hwa and she had been eyeing it for months, if not years. We have stepped into different outlets countless times to try it and also to enjoy the fragrant tea. And every time, she would convince herself not to buy it even though she loved it. In the end, we agreed we would buy it if “this and that” happened and amazingly, it did. We also bought a chain for it too.

Air tickets ($1,600) – There was a promotion for SQ and $800 bucks each to fly to Melbourne and fly out from Sydney seemed like too good a deal to pass on. 

Day trips in Australia and travel insurance ($1,100) – Trips to Philip Island and the Great Ocean Road trip in Melbourne plus an excursion to Blue Mountains in Sydney. 

Total: $7,346.31

Overall Total: $9,231.31 (included fixed expenses of $1,885)


If the exceptional items were excluded, the expenses for July would be a much more palatable $3,800. Even so, we probably have to be a bit more conscious in limiting our purchases at department stores (likely, since we buy in spurts) and of course, the more and more frequent dining outs. 😕

16 thoughts on “Expenditure Update: July 14

  1. Richard Ng (Invest Openly)

    Nice! All work and no play make MY15HWW a dull boy! So, work smart, play hard 😉

    I heard Melbourne is freezing cold, so do bring more thicker clothing.. Oh, Great Ocean Road is magnificent, if you have time, can try the helicopter ride.. 😉

    Enjoy yourselves!

    1. My 15 HWW Post author

      Hi Richard,

      Thanks for your advice on the clothes and your recommendation on the copter ride. If it’s not too steep, we might try it!

  2. B

    Enjoy the holiday 😉

    Im sure its all worth it once you and your wife had started on the new job it will be all too busy.

    1. My 15 HWW Post author

      Hi B,

      You are right. We rationalised that it might not be too easy for us to be able to take long breaks in the near future. Therefore, decided to make the best of the opportunity. =)

  3. Gallen

    Hi Mr 15HWW,

    Congrats on Mrs 15HWW’s new exciting job! Both of you will definitely have fun on road trip to Philip Island watching the cute legions of penguins and also lovely scenery along Great Ocean Road. Do take lots of pictures! I went there in 2008 and missed those places. 🙂


    1. My 15 HWW Post author

      Hi Gallen,

      Thanks for your well wishes. I am surprised that so many of you have been there before. Singaporeans are really a well-travelled lot.

      It’s actually our first trip to these places and we are really quite excited. =)

  4. Musicwhiz

    Hi 15HWW,

    Congrats to your wife for the new job! Glad to hear about the significant pay jump. And I am one who has not been to Melbourne or Sydney (so not that well-traveled haha). Enjoy the trip!

    1. My 15 HWW Post author

      Hi Musicwhiz,

      Thanks for your well wishes! Anyway, the bulk of the annual increment have been spent on the trip and the jewellery. =p

      Maybe you could take some time off and bring your family to these places one day? Nonetheless, I am pretty sure you have been to places I haven’t set foot on.

  5. Thelay

    I am always amazed by your supermarket expenses. How can you make it that amount for whole month? Every time my supermarket trip will cost min 50 and sometimes can go up to 150 to 200.

    1. My 15 HWW Post author

      Hi Thelay,

      First of all, we still have some vouchers (we almost always request them if someone asks us what we like as gifts).

      Another way to limit it is to only go to the fresh produce section. Besides limiting costs, you’re also limiting the junk food. =)

  6. LKH

    Can i know where do you book your land tours in Australia? If you do not mind, can i have a copy of your itinerary?

    1. My 15 HWW Post author

      Hi LKH,

      I booked the land tours at this company called Kent Holidays. The AAT King Tours are cheaper if you book in Singapore.

      You can email me and I will try to dig out the (very rough) copy of the itinerary. =p