New Addition: Stuff I Like

I should have done this months ago but well, at least it’s done. Like finally!  😛

Besides helping my readers have easier access to stuff which I like, this new addition is also partly spurred by the fact that other bloggers are doing a better job at referring traffic to me than the other way round. Let’s hope that this new page will help to correct matters and make me feel better about myself.

And instead of repeating those bloggers I like in the RSS feed widgets, I have decided to feature other bloggers, especially those new ones which I find very promising.

As a “very new” blogger not so long ago, I have not forgotten that traffic/interaction is generally hard to come by even when you’re putting in lots of effort in your articles. I received some help from other bloggers (most of whom also admirably didn’t even ask for a link exchange in return) and I wouldn’t hesitate to do the same for others. 🙂

Anyway, besides featuring the local bloggers, I have also included 5 international bloggers and the positive book and product reviews thus far under the main page.

Hope you will enjoy the same stuff that I enjoy!  🙂


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    4 thoughts on “New Addition: Stuff I Like

    1. B

      Hi 15hww

      First of all thanks for the inclusion and kind remarks you have on my site.

      I really like the new idea you’ve put in. I think it allows a greater viewership of other fellow bloggers thought considering that we are all chasing the same dream.

      Ive also been recently thinking of adding a new page called “My Bucket List” where I list down all the things I really wanted to do before I leave the earth. As and when I complete them I will strike them off the list.

    2. The Independent Abecedarian

      Hello M15HWW!

      Similarly, I have also believe that this is a much more cleaner and organized way of showcasing recommended blogs and thus I created my ‘recommended reads’ page too!
      Great minds think alike! Haha! 😉

      Either way keep up your great writing. Stumbled upon your site a couple of weeks ago and find it very informative. Not sure why I didn’t thought of linking you up that time! My readers will definitely love this page as much as me. Remind me to include you in my links page if I haven’t already haha

      The Independent Abecedarian

      1. My 15 HWW Post author

        Hi TIA,

        Thanks for your encouraging comment and I feel it’s generally beneficial to recommend what we read to our readers.

        爱屋及乌? Hopefully. =)