Block Your Calendar On 17 Jan 2015 (Sat)!

Nope, don’t get your hopes up too high. I am not arranging for a meet-up session with you, my dear reader. Sad, but true.  😥

But fortunately, in my view, I am asking you to keep your afternoon free on 17 Jan 2015 (Sat) because something bigger and better is happening. Instead of meeting me or just the one blogger, you get to meet FIVE if you attend this Personal Financial Investment Seminar! (More details on these bloggers and speakers below.)

After blogging for slightly more than a year, you should know that I am generally quite protective of you. Even though I have had some solicitations or invites to review (ahem…maybe more like endorse?) certain products/events, I have turned down most of them. Because skeptical me doubt that they would be useful for both me and you. 😎

Then what’s making me stick my head out and openly advertise for this seminar? (And at no fees/incentive since I have to pay for my own ticket to the event too.)

Firstly, I have read most of these speakers’ blogs (even met three of them personally) and I feel that many of us can distil something useful from their perspectives. And since I know most of you aren’t that hardworking to go through the bulk of their archives, wouldn’t it be better for them to deliver the essence of what they preach within half a day?

Secondly, attending this investment seminar doesn’t cost you an arm or a leg. Not $100, and not even $50. Actually, it’s supposed to be $16 but if you confirm your attendance early (by Nov), it’s just going to set you back by a paltry $8. Just to offer you some perspective, even a movie ticket on a weekend afternoon is going to cost you more than that.

Therefore, I am pretty sure nobody is really earning any big money from this event. Not Roland and Yew Kin from Wealth Directions who initiated this event and have put a lot of effort in organising it. Actually, taking into account the cost of the venue and some food, there’s a good chance a participant paying $8 could in fact be subsidised!

And so I highly doubt that the speakers are getting paid even a single cent from this event. I guess their main motivation is to reach out to more people and help them become more financially savvy. That’s a vision that resonates strongly with me!

So click on the banner below to register for the event and show support to these bloggers!  🙂



The name of the event is “Personal Financial Investment Seminar” and it will be held at the NTUC Auditorium on 17 January 2015 from 12:30pm to 5:30pm. The line-up of speakers are:

  • Jared Seah from Singapore Man of Leisure. His topic is “Who Are You”. He believes that knowing yourself is an important step to find a suitable investment strategy.
  • Calvin Yeo from Dr Wealth. He will talk about the comprehensive approach to financial planning and tools to help you track your financial health.
  • Lionel Yeo from Cheerful Egg. Being an advocate for fuss-free investing, he shares the power of index investing which frees up time to pursue matters important to you.
  • Alvin Chow from BigFatPurse. He will challenge the dominant stock picking methodology and share a better approach for retail investors who want to beat the market.
  • Dr Tee from Ein55. He will be sharing how you can use a quantitative method to time the market low and high.


Since the event is still a good three months away, I think most of you are going to procrastinate and there’s every chance you could miss out on the discounted price for this event.

So my advice is to go and register NOW. After all, unless you already have a trip planned during that period, you should be free on that date as of now. And what better way to commit than to purchase the tickets first. Which also helps to explain this post’s title.  😉

For your information, I have already purchased two tickets for both Mrs 15HWW and me and we got our 50% discount by keying “15FRIENDin the coupon code box. So grab your tickets by Clicking Here!

Who knows, you could be sitting right beside us on that day?!  😀

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4 thoughts on “Block Your Calendar On 17 Jan 2015 (Sat)!

    1. My 15 HWW Post author

      Hi SMOL,

      No problem!

      I just think your deserve it and hopefully, demand exceeds supply? Especially since I have bought the tickets!

      Who knows, maybe there will be a black market for them come December. =p

  1. Richard

    Still cannot confirm my impending travel schedule next Jan but hope to see you and your mrs there in Jan 2015.

    BTW, I think you’ve omitted in linking the URL to the banner 😉


    1. My 15 HWW Post author

      Hi Richard,

      Hope to see you there and thanks for the heads-up on my error. Have corrected it. Thanks!