Passive Income Update: October 14

One really can’t predict the market, eh?  😉

As of now, the STI at 3,315 isn’t that far off the year high of 3,371. And how fast sentiments change.

Just a month ago, I have to admit I was a little jittery at the volatility in the stock market. With the STI dropping from a high of 3,350 in mid September to 3,150 in a month’s time, many were anticipating the 3,000 mark to be breached. Including yours truly. And I doubt I was alone in extrapolating this short trend. Silly me.  😳

Nonetheless, the jitters was a good signal to inform me that I wasn’t exactly comfortable with the amount of money I had in the market and thus, I proceeded to close my Phillip ShareBuilder account to free up about $30K early in Oct. I definitely felt much better after that although I am not sure choosing that easy way out instead of re-evaluating my stock holdings was the best decision.

And besides the unexpected divesting my 2 lots of SIA Eng, I have also added another lot of SembCorp @$4.57 to average down my holdings of that business to an average cost of $4.76. Fellow blogger B has done a pretty comprehensive analysis of their 3rd quarter results here.

Regarding the portfolio, it’s been under-performing the STI recently and as a whole, appreciated by only about 1% the past month. And with high dividend paying SIA Eng gone, the projected dividends has also fallen to below $9,000.


Dividends received in October 14: $340

OCBC: $180

SGX: $160

Dividends received YTD: $5,880.20


Details of my updated portfolio are shown below.


Stocks (As at 16th November 2014)

Stock Share Amt Share Price Valuation Dividend Est. Income
Vicom 4,000 $6.100 $24,400 $0.2250 $900.00
Boustead 9,000 $1.875 $16,875 $0.0700 $630.00
Semb Corp 3,000 $4.600 $13,800 $0.1700 $510.00
Wilmar 4,000 $3.150 $12,600 $0.0800 $320.00
OCBC 1,200 $10.240 $12,288 $0.3400 $408.00
Spindex 24,000 $0.500 $12,000 $0.0180 $432.00
MTQ 10,000 $1.160 $11,600 $0.0440 $440.00
First Reit 8,000 $1.230 $9,840 $0.0752 $601.60
PLife Reit 4,000 $2.340 $9,360 $0.1075 $430.00
Kingsmen 10,000 $0.935 $9,350 $0.0400 $400.00
SingTel 2,000 $3.950 $7,900 $0.1680 $336.00
Challenger 16,500 $0.460 $7,590 $0.0252 $415.80
SGX 1,000 $7.340 $7,340 $0.2800 $280.00
M1 2,000 $3.560 $7,120 $0.2100 $420.00
ST Engg 2,000 $3.470 $6,940 $0.1500 $300.00
LKH 10,000 $0.670 $6,700 $0.0300 $300.00
Super Grp 4,000 $1.065 $4,260 $0.0450 $180.00
Total $179,963 $7,303.40

Others (As at 16th November 2014)

Asset Valuation Est. Income
OCBC 360 Account $50,000 $1,500
CIMB Star Saver $12,080 $96
Total $62,080 $1,596

Total Valuation = $242,043

Total Est. Annual Income = $8,899.40

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9 thoughts on “Passive Income Update: October 14

    1. My 15 HWW Post author

      Hi Rolf,

      Rich man? Nah, I don’t own an investment property. *wink*

      Thanks for your encouragement though. Will strive hard and continue to be a positive cash flow household.

    1. My 15 HWW Post author

      Hi B,

      Especially since we have some common counters right? =)

      Actually, I ain’t really that concerned now. But I thought sharing it will be good for some readers to realize that financial bloggers can be fallible too. Especially in case some of them think that we are some genius investors. (At least I know I am not.)

      Read somewhere in your blog that some people are replicating your portfolio. That sounds a little dangerous.

      1. B

        Hahhaa let me check.

        We have only 3 in common, vicom steng and sembcorp.

        Mine at least better not so many will replicate because my holdings are unpopular holdings. You should check out the forum in hardwarezone. There are many more replicating dw.

        1. Sgpropertyinc

          Hi b, can u share about your thoughts on vicom? I know it generates free cash flow and has a “monopoly”, I was initially attracted to it. However I think that as fewer Singaporeans will have cars, will it be impacted?

        2. JW

          I only have 1 similar holding to you and 15 hour – Sembcorp Industries. I’m sure DW is a popular guy!


  1. David

    A step closer as the time passed. It is always interesting to read how the other bloggers feel knowing we are not alone having the same feeling. Congratulation on another month of collection on the passive income.


    1. My 15 HWW Post author

      Hi David,

      Thanks for your comment. I popped over and saw that you are injecting more and more capital into your portfolio.

      Good luck in your journey! =)