Expenditure Update: February 15

Opps…this is at least a week late, judging by the dates of previous expenditure updates.  😳

I have really been swarmed with work, so much so that I haven’t really been switching on my laptop at home. Recent weekends have been pretty packed too. For instance, both the Mrs and I volunteered our morning and afternoon yesterday to help out with some food distribution to the needy.

And I have to admit I am getting more satisfaction through activities such as the one above as compared to blogging. Afterall, it’s increasingly harder to add additional value to readers with new articles. Especially without repeating myself. 😉 I reckon new readers would probably find more value browsing through my first few articles.

Therefore, it’s not surprising that this blog has taken a bit of a backseat. Going forward, besides the monthly expenditure and passive income updates (which I find it useful to log it in for myself), I would probably be setting a much more modest target of an additional two posts a month. Hopefully, with the lower quantity, I would be able to keep it and maintain the quality.  🙂

With the above out of the way, it’s back to February’s expenditures. Expectedly higher than average with CNY happening that month but still very much manageable at $4,200. Here’s the breakdown:


Eating Out: $859.30

Hawker ($187.40) – After starting work, I find myself consuming more meals and food then before. It’s harder to resist that chicken pie at 4pm when you have work piled up at the same time.

Fast Food ($26.30) – We bought some Subway vouchers on Groupon and had a couple of Mac meals.

Restaurants ($645.60) – The celebration of Mrs 15HWW’s uncle’s birthday accounted for almost half of this category this month. Besides the usual weekly meals at either DTF or Sushi Tei, we also enjoyed a good meal with my siblings at Lee’s Taiwanese at JEM.

Groceries: $76.20

Supermarket ($76.20) – Some CNY shopping that included all the different yong tau foo used for steamboat and a few packets of shabu shabu.

Beverages & Snacks: $144.70

Beverages ($33.40) – A carton of soft drinks, a few lemon teas at the cafe in school and some cups of Koi bubble tea.

Snacks ($111.30) – Some CNY goodies like prawn roll and kueh bangkit from Bengawan Solo and some cookies and egg rolls from another bakery make up the bulk of this section.

Utilities: $132.16

Electricity, Gas & Water ($72.13) – We only used 222kWh of electricity, 17kWh of gas and 6.6 Cu M of water during this month. Guess this is a better way of reporting each month for readers like you to make a comparison of how much resources you are using to run your household.

Cellphones ($60.03) – $28.03 for the Mrs’ plan and $32 for mine.

Transport: $190.20

1 EZ Reload transaction for each of us and $90 worth of cab trips since the Mrs went to her aunt’s place to in the day during her medical leave and the hospital a couple of times.

Departmental: $72

Clothing ($72) – A CNY dress bought early in the month for the Mrs.

Miscellaneous: $833

Entertainment ($26) – We caught the Kingsman at the local theatres and also bought ourselves some popcorn and a drink. It’s been years since we did something like this.  😆

Gifts ($780) – Chinese New Year angbaos. Similar to what we gave out in total last year too.

Others ($27) – Incense and fruits for the offerings at the temple.

Total: $2,307.56

Overall Total: $4,192.56 (included fixed expenses of $1,885)


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