Expenditure Update: March 15

It’s actually been quite a while since we went under $3,500 for our monthly expenses and I am quite pleased to report that we did it in March! Way to go! This happened because there wasn’t big one-off expenses even though we went a little overboard on restaurants again.

Since we had accumulated quite a bit of Ringgit (we were surprised that we had almost Sing$1,000 after a quick count), we decided to spend a day there to use some of the currency up and enjoy ourselves before the GST kicks in.

April’s Challenge: No soft drinks

The monthly challenge is back again after a short break!

I was actually tempted to change it to a much more ambitious “no sugary drinks” instead. But after the no fast food experiment close to half a year ago, I really wanted to avoid the rebounding effect and not binge on sugary drinks the following month. Hopefully, this humbler target would trigger a change in me to rely more on healthier and cheaper plain water in the long run. Yeah, less Koi green tea.  😕


Eating Out: $904.40

Hawker ($143.80) – Cheaper meals in the canteen for me and as the Mrs had to visit the company factory quite a few times, lunch expenses came down.

Fast Food ($16.80) –  Two meals at Mac. Both times, we ordered a meal, upsized it and then added a Filet O Fish. That’s a sumptuous meal that satisfies our craving for fast food.

Restaurants ($743.80) – I had my one week school holiday and I used this opportunity to catch up with my friends. Since I wasn’t at home, the Mrs also made arrangements with her friends. And most of the time, we dined at restaurants and there were a few treats here and there. Furthermore, both of us also indulged ourselves a little more this month. A trip to JB and a buffet at Swissotel were some of the highlights.

Groceries: $58.80

Supermarket ($58.80) – Mostly fruits and vegetables for breakfast and some simple dinners.

Beverages & Snacks: $66.70

Beverages ($11.70) – A can of soft drink when I met up with Kyith and 3 cups of Koi bubble tea. 

Snacks ($55) – Bought quite a few boxes of Tao Sa Pia from JB and also enjoyed a couple of bowls of Gui Ling Gao during a trip to Bugis.

Utilities: $123.77

Electricity, Gas & Water ($63.74) – We only used 161kWh of electricity, 14kWh of gas and 4.0 Cu M of water during this month. It’s quite a bit less than the previous month but the more accurate picture could be the average. Nonetheless, the dry and hot season is coming which might mean more aircon and higher usage of electricity as a result.

Cellphones ($60.03) – $28.03 for the Mrs’ plan and $32 for mine. From what I have seen and heard, we are a rarity as most of our friends are on mobile plans that are at least a tier above us. As one of the plans has reached the 20 month mark, we are pretty shocked that we need to pay >$600 for an iPhone 6 or an S6! Smartphones are really getting so much more expensive! 😥

Transport: $150

2 EZ Reload transaction for me and one for her.

Departmental: $255

Clothing ($100) – I bought a few T-shirts in JB plus one shirt and the Mrs also bought a couple of dresses. Think the per piece price is probably less than $15, which is a good deal. We are interested in popping by one of the Salvation Army stores to take a look to see if there are any peaches available.

Personal Items ($155) – Spent $25 at JB’s Watsons (toothbrushes, toothpaste and some shampoo etc) and another $130 was spent on contact lenses for the Mrs.

Miscellaneous: $15

Entertainment ($12) – We watched Insurgent in JB.

Others ($3) – A spare key for one of my cupboards at my workplace.

Total: $1,573.67

Overall Total: $3,448.67 (included fixed expenses of $1,885)


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    10 thoughts on “Expenditure Update: March 15

      1. My 15 HWW Post author

        Hi Ryan,

        Thanks for your kind words.

        Besides the good content, your blog is very aesthetically pleasing!

      1. My 15 HWW Post author

        Hi Michelle,

        I showed your blog to my wife and she’s feeling inspired!

        Sorry, more competition for you at those stores. =p

    1. ken

      May I know what is the phone plans you and your wife are using ? Right now, the cheapest plan that comes with data is at least $38 across all telcos. With $5 caller ID it is $43. Even with a 20% corporate discount, it’s would be around $34.

      So Im just curious how are your phone plans so cheap? It would be great if more people knew about the phone plans you guys are using and maybe change to them also 🙂

      1. My 15 HWW Post author

        Hi Ken,

        You’re largely right. The telcos are slowly increasing the prices of the mobile plans and I really regret selling off my SingTel shares not so long ago.

        Currently, my mobile plan is the 3G i-Lite plus since I recontracted about half a year ago. The plan by itself cost $41. However, I get a 35% multi-line discount since there’s 4 lines and a broadband plan parked under my name. With a caller number display, this adds up to $32.

        The Mrs is still on the 3G valuesurf+, so her plan is a bit cheaper. But I guess that will change when her current contract is up.

    2. Fernando

      Hi, may I ask, how do you keep record of your expenses? Do you use an app or you just write down your expenses on a spreadsheet?

      1. My 15 HWW Post author

        Hi Fernando,

        I use a smartphone app. Think these days, there are plenty of such apps out there so tracking isn’t hard.