Saving Money With The Big Value Bag!

When I first heard about the The Big Value Bag a couple of months ago, this was my initial thought:

It must be a bag containing specific grocery items that are heavily discounted from NTUC Fairprice. If I want to lower my grocery expenses, I probably should check it out REAL soon! 

Yet, I couldn’t find “such a bag” when I popped by the Fairprice Xtra outlet at Serangoon NEX.

Puzzled, I did a quick google and it landed me on this page. It was then when I finally realised that The Big Value Bag Is NOT A Bag!

It’s actually way more than that!

NTUC Social Enterprises like NTUC FairPrice, NTUC FoodFare, NTUC Health and NTUC Income have come together to come up with The Big Value Bag to help Singaporeans manage the rising cost of living. The Big Value Bag comprises discounts on daily essentials, cooked food, health products and insurance plans.


And yes, I have made full use of these discounts available under The Big Value Bag initiative in recent months. Here’s what I did:

1. Shop at FairPrice & Buy Fairprice Housebrands

Recently, I have been favouring FairPrice over other supermarkets.

All because of a 10% discount on FairPrice Housebrands and Pasar products such as FairPrice, FairPrice Gold, Pasar and Pasar Organics brands.

wow aladdin amazed impressed

“Mr 15HWW, I know you are frugal, but from the choice of your wife, I always thought you had high standards! I am so surprised that you are willing to compromise on the quality of your groceries and household items just to save a few cents.”

Ok, hold on there. I understand household products are likely perceived to be of a lower quality because I have been there before. But seriously, many people have made the switch and the only edge I think brand names really have is in the packaging and marketing.

Which we don’t exactly consume, eh?

Anyway, it doesn’t have to be a permanent switch. If you try the alternative housebrand and you don’t like it, there’s nothing to stop you from going back. And with the 10% discount, there is never a better time to give housebrands a try.

Which is what the team at The Smart Local did:

2. Eat at Foodfare & Order Value Sets

I got lucky with the purchase of my BTO flat as I happen to stay just 100 metres away from a Foodfare in Punggol. And because of The Big Value Bag initiative, I get to enjoy the meal below at a cost of only $2.60.


Curry Rice Set @$2. I get to choose the veg too! And Tea-O xiu-dai  @$0.60. 

And in case you don’t take spicy food, there is also the option of the Afternoon Tea Set. Priced at a very affordable $1.50.

3. Drop By Unity Pharmacy & Buy Vitamin C Tablets

A few years ago, I had a colleague who did not clock a single day of MC for two whole years. Apparently, his “secret” is that when he feels that he is about to fall sick, he starts popping Panadols!

His method intrigued me and I have actually embraced his concept in recent years. However, instead of overdosing on Panadols, I have decided to replace that with Vitamin C tablets. On days when I don’t have enough fruits or tablets or when I feel some flu/fever developing, these tablets come in handy.


A pill a day keeps the doctor away!

And right now, The Big Value Bag allows me to get 3 bottles at the price of 2! This promotion is also valid for other housebrand supplements like calcium tablets, Omega3 fish oil and multivitamins. 

4. Advise My Brother On Income Policies & Receive $1,000 Cashback

NTUC is also offering $1,000 cashback for tertiary graduate to kick start their future when they sign up for any Regular Premium Life Policy with a minimum annual premium of S$2,000.

The criteria here is a little stricter compared to other measures as it only applies to tertiary students who graduated in 2012 or later. That’s a little unfortunate for me since I graduated in 2011. Urrgh…

But hey, even though I didn’t qualify, I realised my brother, who received his diploma in 2014, did. And if you’re reading this, I am pretty sure some members in your family is likely to be eligible.

Combing though NTUC Income’s website, and having verified with a call, I realised that the DreamSaver plan could be a good short-term savings plan for my brother. He would just need to pay premiums for 5 years and receive guaranteed cash benefits from the 61st month onwards. The $1,000 cashback would also definitely raise the expected returns above 3.5%!

He’s definitely considering it!

NTUC Income will also have a $30 reward just for you if you sign up or renew your Motorcycle Insurance with them!

Most of the above promotions are valid till 31st December 2015, which is about one week later. So hurry and make full use of them!



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5 thoughts on “Saving Money With The Big Value Bag!

  1. happiebb

    I think the Dreamsaver from INCOME is an evergreen product. I remember both my parents bought this previously and have gotten their money back and more already~

    P.S. To be honest, I had previously thought that the Big Value Bag’s a bag of goodies too #^.^#

    1. My 15 HWW Post author

      Hi happiebb,

      Wow! An evergreen product indeed. That must have been many decades back?

      I think many people have benefited from Income’s products over the years.

  2. Singaporemm

    The 10% discount on groceries is awesome since most veggies and meats come under it. I will miss it when its gone. Egg prices are crazy lately and the 10% really cushioned it.

    1. My 15 HWW Post author

      Hi Singaporemm,

      Egg prices, hmm… I have never thought too much about that but come to think of it, the increase from a % point of view is indeed quite crazy.

      You continue to astonish me. I can’t imagine anyone staying in a posh condo in a good district yet worrying about the escalating egg prices!

  3. Karen

    Thanks for the useful tip! For Foodfare, do I have to be a NTUC member and show a NTUC card or does everyone automatically enjoy the cheaper rates when they order? I checked the website but it isn’t clear how to actually enjoy the cheaper rates. Thanks for clarifying!