Expenses Update: April 2016

April’s expenses are inevitably bumped up by the trip to Taiwan. Since the tickets had already been accounted for in February, the number that came in was a much more manageable $6,800.

Even though the average expenses for the first four months is quite high at $5,200, I am confident it would dip below $5,000 by June and I am still optimistic we can keep within an average of $4,500 by the end of the year.

Eating Out: $635.60

Hawker ($217.30) – With a week not spent in Singapore, we spent a little less on eating out this month

Fast Food ($33.50) – I have a lesson which is near to Rivervale Mall. It’s a small satellite mall but well stocked with fast food options. There’s Mac, KFC, Long John and Subway. It’s really tempting to pop by one and have a nice lunch/dinner instead of having a quick meal at the food court.

Restaurants ($384.80) – Somewhat more reasonable. Since April is my birthday month, I was able to take advantage of some promotions to eat out at lower costs.

Groceries: $36.40

Supermarket ($36.40) – Cut down on the ice cream and because of the overseas trip, did not really stock up the fridge with ingredients or food.


Utilities: $181.69

Electricity, Gas & Water ($83.99) – I think the bill is quite stable at between $80-$90 for the past half a year. However, with the extremely hot weather set to persist from now on, I am reallt thinking hard if I should install an air-con in the living room. Electricity usage was at 262kWh for this month. 14KWh of gas and 7.0 Cu M of water make up the rest of the utility bill.

Cellphones ($97.70) – $45 for the Mrs and $52.70 for me. I exceeded my data plan by even more this month. I guess I need to be more aware of switching on the wifi when I am at home.

Transport: $106

1 EZ Reload transaction for each of us and a cab ride to the airport heavily subsidised by GrabTaxi since it was my first time using the app.


Miscellaneous: $4.075

Gifts ($75) – A house-warming gift and a book and some popcorn for one of my students who also had her birthday this month.

Travel ($4,000) – The Mrs and I decided that we would sponsor her parents for this trip and the all-in expenses for 4 was close to $4,000. Including the air tickets, it would be $6,000.

Total: $5,034.69

Overall Total: $6,856.69 (included fixed expenses of $1,822)



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