Expenses Update: October 2016

The lull period is here and to be honest, I am happy to have a clean break.

Like having a day like today when I just wake up with no plans for the entire morning and afternoon. Enjoying some surfing, some mobile gaming like Clash Royale and then slowly writing this post.

Over the next couple of weeks, besides devoting some time to gear up for next year (student enrolment and curriculum planning), I plan to write a series to reflect on my twenties since I turned 30 half a year ago.

That should make for some epic reading (at least for me).

Enough digression. For October, our expenditure was a reasonable $3,650 even though we had a crab feast and even got some expensive concert tickets.

We have broken past $40,000 but with two months to go before the end of the year, there is a good chance we could stay within $50,000 for 2016’s annual expenditure. 

Here’s the breakdown.

Eating Out: $825.60

Hawker ($217.30) – As per normal with the usual fare of cai peng once a few days and the Mrs’ lunch

Fast Food ($24.90) – A meal together at Long John’s and Burger up.

Restaurants ($583.40) – We celebrated the Mrs’ auntie’s birthday at Melben with a crab feast and our share alone for that meal came up to $150.

Groceries: $97

Supermarket ($97) – I managed to abstain from ice-cream for one whole month as the grocery bills came down. We did buy some potato chips to indulge ourselves when we have movie nights though.

Beverages & Snacks: $31.50

Snacks ($14.80) – Some Bengawan Solo kueh and pastries from a bakery.

Drinks ($16.70) – A few Koi and kopi o at the coffeeshop across my house and we tried a drink from Cococane. A little overrated for that price.

Utilities: $187.03

Electricity, Gas & Water ($90.48) – Electricity usage was higher at 299kWh for this month. 17KWh of gas and 6.4 Cu M of water make up the rest of the utility bill.

Cellphones ($96.55) – $51.55 for me and $45 for the Mrs for our mobile services. Mine comes with upsized data.

Transport: $100

1 EZ Reload transaction for me and 1 for the Mrs.

Miscellaneous: $727

Clothes and Furniture ($167) – The Mrs bought quite a few items on Taobao through EZbuy. This included a shoe cabinet, a new stool for her to rest her legs while lazing away on the sofa and some little trinkets here and there. Let’s hope for more restraint with Amazon coming over. =p

Concert Tickets ($560) – We managed to purchase two tickets to Jackie Cheung’s concert next February. The Mrs is a big fan and it’s been some time since we last went to a performance. Moreover, the tickets were only available for a day and it happens to fall on our wedding anniversary. #meanttobe

Total: $1,968.13

Overall Total: $3,653.13 (included fixed expenses of $1,685)



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