Learn To Optimise Your CPF

CPF is something close to the hearts of Singaporeans. In fact, it is hard to meet an adult Singaporean without strong views on CPF policies or issues. Be it the inability to withdraw your CPF funds until age 55, interest rates on CPF funds, CPF LIFE or the compulsory Medisave contribution for self-employed (just ask any taxi uncle about this), few would sit on the fence.

Much as we dislike some of the policies, there’s nothing we can do as individuals to change them. But what’s within our control is to optimise our decisions and actions within the CPF system.  

So instead of listening to people with strong views on CPF, why not listen to some who have taken useful actions to prepare for their retirement?

And then possibly learn from them. 

Optimising Your CPF For Retirement

BigScribe has managed to invite Creatwealth8888, Christopher Ng and BudgetBabe for this talk on how to Optimise Your CPF For Retirement.

This is a very strong panel and you would benefit from their sharing no matter which life stage you are at right now.

Createwealth8888 is a blog veteran and has recently retired from his corporate job. Besides the dividends from his stock portfolio, he is also relying on his CPF payouts to fund his retirement. I have always believed that his “3 taps solution” is very sound and if you or your parents are in a similar stage as him, his insights would definitely be very valuable. 

Many of us always forget that Christopher Ng is a best selling personal finance author and I actually read his first book when I was an NSF. He still has at least a decade to go before hitting 55 but I am pretty sure he has already met the Minimum Sum. His ability to do big OA to SA transfers yet still be able to afford an Executive Condo (despite being a law student currently) continues to baffle and impress me.

BudgetBabe is a breath of fresh air in the local personal finance community, offering precious female perspectives in this male-dominated sphere. Like many other millennials, I have benefited from her sharing, be it saving $20,000 a year as a fresh graduate or taking charge and managing her insurance needs. I would definitely be curious to hear about her plans for her retirement and how CPF plays a part in it.

Details of the event:

The event is not priced at a couple of hundred bucks and at just $25 (cheaper than musicals), there is so much value and so little downside.

Although there hasn’t been a big marketing campaign for this event, it has already sold out the bulk of the tickets in the past few days. There’s just 20 tickets left and I am pretty sure it will all be sold out in the next couple of days. So do hurry up and click here if you are interested.

I will be attending this event and if you’re free next Thursday evening, I hope to see you at International Plaza too!