This gets a bit thorny, doesn’t it?

Most bloggers recommend products they like and get paid for it and most of the time, this is a good arrangement with little conflict of interest. But to further minimise this risk, I don’t get any incentives/sweeteners/commissions/a word of appreciation with these products below. I hope you get the idea.  😉

And in case you get the wrong idea, do refer to my Disclaimer.

I showcase these products because I either use them or actively encourage friends and relatives to use them. And since I regard readers as not too distant from friends and relatives, I do not hesitate to share these stuff that I like with you.  😎 


1. POSB Invest-Saver and POSB HDB Home Loan

2. OCBC 360 Account

3. OCBC 365 Credit Card

4. Value-Investing Mastery Course


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