Portfolio Update: November 2016

A small pat on the back to myself for “not doing anything” last week. I did not try to predict the outcome of the US election having been “burnt” by Brexit and at the same time, I did not react to the outcome of Trump becoming POTUS.

Basically, just sitting still and observing what’s happening.


Surprises are everywhere and it’s also interesting to note that I fell sick for the first time this year earlier in the week. When I actually had no work for the previous week.

But well, when there is no work, I drink less water and take lesser care of my body.

Moral of the story: everything can be explained well on hindsight.

1. Core Portfolio

The US market is surging yet again and Berk B is probably responsible for the bulk of this month’s portfolio increase. In a short span of a month, including currency appreciation, Berkshire probably increased by >10%.

My target is to have approximately $30,000 worth of Berk B by the end of this year and if the momentum continues, there is a chance I might not even need to add a tranche to hit that sum.

But honestly, I hope it comes down to a much healthier level for me to add a bit more.

Asset Avg Bought Amount Price Valuation Allocation
STI ETF $2.92 12,800 $2.86 $36,608 30.9%
Berkshire B $134.50* 120 $157.46 $26,831 22.7%
SSBs $1.00 15,000 $1.00 $15,000 12.7%
Cash (SGD) $1.00 40,000 $1.00 $40,000 33.8%
Total $118,439 100.0%

2. Local Stock Portfolio

A couple of weeks ago, I managed to add 600 shares of DBS @$14.86.  And yes, on hindsight, with the expectation of a rate increase, it makes for a good hedge for the REITs that I hold. But the reality is that I just got lucky.

In the past week, most REITs are down 10% while the banks are up by the same region of 10%.

There’s also the privatisation of Super Group which is rather welcome as I intend to trim the number of positions I hold. Including CNAV stocks, STI ETF and Berkshire B, the number of holdings probably exceed 20 for a $200K stock portfolio.

If the local market’s sentiment improves and STI breaches 3,000 again, I will be keen to offload at least 2 or 3 peripheral positions.

Stock Amount Price Valuation Allocation
ST Engg 6,500 $3.200 $20,800 15.51%
Kingsmen 27,700 $0.625 $17,313 12.91%
MCT 10,000 $1.425 $14,250 10.63%
DBS 600 $16.340 $9,804 7.31%
CCT 6,000 $1.485 $8,910 6.65%
HK Land 1,000 $8.847 $8,847 6.60%
UOL 1,500 $5.640 $8,460 6.31%
SingPost 5,500 $1.470 $8,085 6.03%
Semb Corp 3,000 $2.610 $7,830 5.84%
Boustead 9,000 $0.845 $7,605 5.67%
Genting 8,000 $0.875 $7,000 5.22%
Super Grp 4,000 $1.265 $5,060 3.77%
M1 2,000 $2.050 $4,100 3.06%
MTQ 10,000 $0.410 $4,100 3.06%
Bou Proj 2,700 $0.705 $1,904 1.42%
Total $134,067 100.00%

3. Emergency Funds

I made my first purchase of paper gold through the SPDR Gold Shares. I bought 40 shares at $120 a few days ago. The current price is lower but I am waiting for a better price before loading again.

Asset Amount
CPF OA $39,000
Cash (SGD) $20,000
FCL Bonds $21,000
Alternative Currencies $30,000
Total $110,000


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6 thoughts on “Portfolio Update: November 2016

  1. Esther


    Just wondering, what happens after the privatisation of the Super Group?

    So sorry I am rather new to investing.



    1. My 15 HWW Post author

      Hi Esther,

      A letter will be sent to you and you can then choose to accept or decline the offer. Most retail shareholders are likely to accept such offers.

  2. JL

    Hi B,

    I have a question for you. As shareholders of Super, which is being privatised, how can we profit from it? I know we can trade it on the market. Is there other way? for example, doing nothing and wait until it’s delisted?

    Thank you.

    1. My 15 HWW Post author

      Hi JL,

      Yup, can do nothing and wait for the letter before accepting the offer. That’s what I will be doing.

  3. JL

    Hi 15 HWW,

    Thanks for your reply. What if I can’t receive the letter as I relocated to my home country? Can I do it online(accept the offer) ? Thanks.

    1. My 15 HWW Post author

      Hi JL,

      Honestly, I have no idea. I guess you can email the Investor Relations of Super Group and clarify your unique situation with them.