Passive Income Update: April 14

The market has been somewhat lacklustre and it remains to be seen if the STI could breach the 3,300 level again. Even though the index was flat, my portfolio did decline in value slightly as 3 of my stocks (namely Boustead, Wilmar & especially Challenger) registered some falls from their prices. Maybe I should have sold them in May and went away? Ah, the benefits of hindsight…

However, the overall portfolio value did not shrink as I bought 2 lots of Super Group @$2.85 yesterday. My Mum had always enjoyed Super & Owl coffee ever since I was a Primary School kid and only switched to Gold Roast coffee (missing out on Viz Branz did hurt) because of its cheaper price. Maybe it was to allow me to have a higher allowance and so a belated Happy Mother’s Day to you on my blog!

Ok I digress. Well, it’s then not surprising that I have been monitoring Super Group for some time. And last Monday, Super posted some ordinary quarterly results as revenue declined by 6% and profits shrank by 5% from a year ago. As the share price of Super had enjoyed a meteoric rise for the past 2-3 years with many anticipating uninterrupted growth in the teens, the price tanked in the ensuing days. A drop in the region of 20% for the week!

With looming job uncertainty (created by me), I exercised some prudence by just getting 2 lots. Since Super’s key Thailand market is dogged by poor consumer sentiment which is unlikely to resolve soon (I am definitely with the Red Shirts and social mobility here), there’s a chance business might not pick up too soon and another set of poor results could push the price lower which will present another opportunity. Nonetheless, pretty obviously, I am optimistic of its long term future (coffee is addictive).


Dividends received in April 14: $0 (May would definitely be better)

Dividends received YTD: $506.40


Details of my updated portfolio are shown below.


Stocks (As at 16th May 2014)

Stock Share Amt Share Price Valuation Dividend Est. Income
Vicom 4,000 $5.910 $23,640 $0.1820 $728.00
Boustead 9,000 $1.865 $16,785 $0.0700 $630.00
Wilmar 4,000 $3.200 $12,800 $0.0500 $200.00
Spindex 24,000 $0.500 $12,000 $0.0180 $432.00
Semb Corp 2,000 $5.390 $10,780 $0.1500 $300.00
MTQ 5,000 $2.000 $10,000 $0.0450 $225.00
SIA Eng 2,000 $4.920 $9,840 $0.2200 $440.00
OCBC 1,000 $9.640 $9,640 $0.3300 $330.00
PLife Reit 4,000 $2.400 $9,600 $0.1031 $412.40
Kingsmen 10,000 $0.945 $9,450 $0.0400 $400.00
First Reit 8,000 $1.175 $9,400 $0.0726 $580.80
Challenger 16,500 $0.500 $8,250 $0.0225 $371.25
Singtel 2,000 $3.850 $7,700 $0.1680 $336.00
ST Engg 2,000 $3.770 $7,540 $0.1680 $336.00
LKH 10,000 $0.720 $7,200 $0.0450 $450.00
SGX 1,000 $6.920 $6,920 $0.2800 $280.00
Super 2,000 $2.900 $5,800 $0.0900 $180.00
Total $177,345 $6,631.45

Others (As at 16th May 2014)

Asset Valuation Est. Income
Philip Sharebuilder $27,302 $550
CIMB Star Saver $14,080 $110
Total $41,382 $660

Total Valuation = $218,727

Total Est. Annual Income = $7,291.45


Do refer to my first monthly update if you would like some additional background to most of my purchases and here for previous updates.

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4 thoughts on “Passive Income Update: April 14

  1. B

    Hi hww

    I am somewhat monitoring the price for SuperGroup as well. I think the fall is overdone but the shortist is still very strong. Hence my decision not to catch a falling knife. Once it stablises I am looking into entering a position in supergroup as well. Fundamentals look solid and there is no reason why the drop should be so significant.

    1. My 15 HWW Post author

      Hi B,

      That’s a real quick comment. I am impressed, especially since you have a baby to look after now?

      I share your concerns too and that’s why I only used a relatively smaller bullet. Will look to average down if there’s an opportunity although I think price looks pretty fair at this point.

  2. sgdividends

    Hi HWW,

    A nice portfolio you have there.

    I am also vested but at a higher price than you. Super Group is indeed over done.

    Well, let’s see what happens this week.


    1. My 15 HWW Post author

      Hi SGdividends,

      Thanks and I am still trying to build up the portfolio.

      Just read some of your posts on Super and we share the same sentiments! Good luck with your other investments too.