Expenditure Update: April 14

Mrs 15 HWW and I had a pretty long break in Taiwan as we spent time in Tai Chung, Yi Lan and Taipei for the past 10 days. This also helps explain why this post is about a week later than usual. Anyway, in case you’re wondering, this trip was already planned way before this post. So well, in the end I got the long break which so many readers had recommended. =p

We had actually planned for a more “atas” getaway to Europe or North America but due to calendar and leave limitations, we “settled” for Taiwan in the end. It was a good move in the end on a few fronts. Besides enjoying the vacation, I was quietly pleased that the savings from this trip would help to offset the escalating monthly expenses.

We spent about $4,870 in April which brings the average monthly expenditure of this year close to $4,500! This month’s expenses would have been closer to the target of $3,500 if not for the air tickets for the trip and the massage package bought at Refresh Bodyworks. Oh well…

And here is the detailed breakdown for April’s expenses:


Eating Out: $787.40

Hawker ($203.70) – More than a third of the year has passed and I haven’t been making much progress in the cooking category. This also means that the amount we are spending on hawker food remains in the $200-$300 range.

Fast Food ($16.80) – No Macs, at least while we were in Singapore. The $16.80 comprises of two meals in Subway for me.

Restaurants ($566.90) – Yeah, April’s my birthday month and since I am a Sushi Tei member, there’s a 20% discount on our meals there. So expectedly, there were 4 entries on that count. We also enjoyed a nice Tampopo dinner on our trip to Robertson Quay and more on that later.

Groceries: $35.10

Supermarket ($2) – We will probably have to replenish some of our stocks like toothpaste and washing powder soon. And that includes the diminishing vouchers that we have.

Baking ($10) – Mrs 15 HWW is planning a surprise for one of her friend’s wedding and this was a trial run.

Bakery ($23.10) – Breakfasts on the way to the office

Beverages & Snacks: $83.30

Beverages ($4.70) – Yeah, we really don’t have a habit of having sugary drinks when we are out.

Snacks ($78.60) – Met up with our JC classmates for a night out and we paid for some really good durians. Also gave a treat to another group at Tiong Bahru Bakery.

Utilities: $140.59

Electricity, Gas & Water ($81.86) – Nothing way out of the ordinary here

Cellphones ($58.73) – I have bought my IPhone 5S but the cost will be offset by the sale of my previous phone. This is the first time when I haven’t really been excited by my new phone. Guess the tech progress on that front has reached a plateau?

Transport: $172

1 cab trip, 1 EZ Reload transactions for her and 2 for me.

Departmental: $168

Clothing ($168) – Bought some work shirts at G2000 and Mrs 15 HWW bought a new scarf and two pairs of shoes.

Miscellaneous: $1,512.60

Entertainment ($35) – Made a trip to Robertson Quay to catch the Liverpool – Man City game live with fellow Kop fans. It was a perfect outing since the 5 goals provided plenty of excitement and the Reds ultimately prevailed (too bad that at this point it’s likely to be just this game and not the league). The two beers and the snack at Harry’s set us back by $35.

Others ($529.60) – This includes a massage package that costs $500. We had quite a few sessions that had already expired and we had to commit to another one to be able to extend those expired sessions.

Gifts & Treats ($234) – One expensive promotional treat to my new dept and a wedding lunch angbao for Mrs 15HWW’s colleague.

Travel ($714) – Two Jetstar tickets to Taiwan. Since bulk of the trip happened in May, will account for the rest of the trip costs next month and in case you’re wondering, for those 10 days, I didn’t record the expenses. =p

Total: $2,898.99

Overall Total: $4,868.99 (included fixed expenses of $1,970)


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6 thoughts on “Expenditure Update: April 14

    1. My 15 HWW Post author

      Hi Cory,

      As mentioned at the very start of the post, I went to Tai Chung, Yi Lan and Taipei. The typical touristy spots like Cing Jing farm and the night markets. I enjoyed feeding the sheeps, hah!

  1. B

    Hi HWW

    I was also at Robertson Quay at Harry Bar during the Liverpool vs Man City Game. Maybe we are on the same place breathing the same air 😉

    1. My 15 HWW Post author

      Hi B,

      Oh! Maybe the reader who wanted to ask you out for a drink should have pestered you a little further. He thought that since you did not reply him on FB, you were giving Uncabunca a miss. =)

      1. B

        Ahhhh!!! I really didn’t think it was you.

        My bad truly, and I apologize.

        I was surprised you ended up at harry bar instead.

        My treat next time 🙂

        1. My 15 HWW Post author

          Hi B,

          Nah, it’s ok. There will be other opportunities. Uncabunca was packed so I just moved to the next bar beside it.

          Hope you’re managing fatherhood well!