Top 10 Posts… For Now!

Life’s pretty ironic.  😉

A person generally does his best work when he’s still relatively uncelebrated and most likely appreciated by a precious few. But after he becomes famous, he more or less can live on his reputation. Let’s just take a look at Jay Chou. I am a big fan of his and adored his first 3 albums when I was a still teenager. However, whenever I hear the songs from the most recent albums, it’s like I am seasick on a boat.

This phenomenon applies to authors and of course, bloggers like me too. Although I am and will never be as famous as Jay (still it feels quite good to draw this parallel), I am still quite astounded by the traffic on the blog these days. As compared to the first few months, the intensity of my writing right now has diminished considerably. Instead of writing a post every 2/3 days, I am probably averaging close to 1 per week these days.

Yet, the traffic I receive daily has multiplied. And I do struggle to write better posts than what I have done in the early days of the blog.

So yes, you should dig through my archives if you have not done so. But seriously, will you do it?

Even though I have this All My Posts page to make the process more convenient, I ain’t that hopeful. And I am afraid that some readers could miss out on some of the more “beneficial” posts this blog has ever published.

Therefore, this post. Below, I have listed the Top 10 Posts (with a short summary and in no particular order) ever published on this blog, solely from the author’s view and definitely not skewed by the popularity of the posts.

Do take some time to go through them.


1. Planning For My Ultimate Goal

First-ever post on July 28, 2013. Even after two years, most of what I had written and planned still remain relevant. Oh my, the foresight the 27-year-old-me had is not to be underestimated.

How about you? What’s your end game?

2. Why You Should Always Buy A BTO Flat – Part 1

In Singapore for the past 50 years, few investment products can beat the returns of a flat bought directly from the government. And I do forsee that continuing for at least a couple of decades more.

3. You Won’t Want To Be Mr Average!

My somewhat scathing view on the average person. The bar is set really low by the average and if one puts in diligent effort, it shouldn’t be too difficult to achieve above-average outcomes.

And yeah, it takes an above average investor to achieve average returns. 

4. Aladdin’s Choice: Superior Saving Rate Or Superior Investment Return

First attempt at a parody of a classic Disney storey. Really enjoyed writing it from the personal finance context and illustrates my philosophy on why savings is more important than returns, especially when one is just starting out.

5. Understanding The Basics Of Insurance

I was impressed with myself when I finished this post. Enough said. A good primer on how the insurance industry works and the reasons why in the long run, one should aim to become independent of most insurances.

6. Why Early Retirement Is Not Possible For Most

This blog is largely about how to make early retirement/semi-retirement an option in our lives. If you can avoid these pitfalls, you stand a good chance to retire/semi-retire before 45.

7. International Blogs I HIGHLY Recommend

The essential reading list if one is interested in early retirement and self-improvement.

8. Understanding Your Electricity Bills

Something that is inevitable in our lives. I can understand if you would like to switch on the air-con every night but wouldn’t you want to know how much you are paying to sleep better? And have you tried alternatives which could not just be better but cheaper too?

9. Tribute To Local Personal Finance Bloggers

The who’s who in the local personal finance blogosphere. Most of them existed way before this blog and reading them made me who I am today. I have learnt so much from them that the only way I felt I could redeem myself from all the freeloading was to set up a blog. It was only fair to pay it forward and “help” readers like you.  🙂

10. When I Had My First ……

A first attempt at a proper poem on this blog. A proper warning to myself not to be too pre-occupied with money. A detailed lookback on my relationship with money since young and hopefully, you can glean some useful insights from it.


I understand that many of my readers are bloggers themselves and it’s also likely true that I might have missed some great posts from other blogs.

Therefore, why not create your own list on your blog? Otherwise, you could send me a link to your Top 10 Posts.

I can guarantee you that I will be reading them and most likely dropping a comment or two on what I have learnt.  😀 

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