Expenditure Update: September 2015

I realise I have been writing these monthly expenditure updates for more than 2 years already! Although I can never guarantee that they are 100% accurate, (hmm… does the Mrs hide anything from me?), I doubt the degree of error is more than 5% or even 3%.

Yeah, both of us love telling the world how awesome our life is despite our “below average” expenses! And yes, September’s expenditure helps to lower our monthly average for the past 3 quarters.

And since I am struggling to come up with something humorous or witty for this post (the Mrs has openly declared no more Emma Watson gifs, nah, just kidding), I have decided to well… upsize and value add. Some more, no additional 50 cents needed… or is it 60 cents now?

From this post onwards, there will be a table detailing the past months’ expenses at the end of every monthly expenditure update. It will also make it easier to track if my expenses for the year are on target.


Eating Out: $748.75

Hawker ($196.10) – Staying at home and cooking some meals is finally paying off on this front. And of course, giving tuition has some additional perks in the form of free meals sometimes!

Fast Food ($62.90) – A big spike this month as we enjoyed two separate MOS Burger meals. The Kakiage Rice Burgers don’t exactly come cheap.

Restaurants ($489.75) – It’s pretty contained this month, even after including an expensive crab meal we had at one of the seafood restaurants. The Groupon vouchers obviously helped. Besides that, we also had some meals at places like Sushi Tei, Din Tai Fung, Tampopo, Manhattan Fish Market and a few zhi char places.

Groceries: $106

Supermarket ($106) – More free time for me and more visits to the nearby NTUC to get some fruits and vegetables to cook a simple lunch.

Beverages & Snacks: $71.10

Beverages ($2.80) – A few cups tea-o and yes, nothing else!

Snacks ($68.30) – $45 for a box of Goodwood Park cempedek mooncakes. It’s cheaper as we had $20 Taka vouchers from some lucky draw that the Mrs won. And yes, this also includes a cup of super expensive llao llao. 

Utilities: $169.08

Electricity, Gas & Water ($94.75) – Electricity usage moderated to 272kWh as air con usage decreased. But with the haze, next month’s usage is going to surge! We also used about 21kWh of gas and 6.4Cu M of water too. This is way below the national average for 5-room flats!

Cellphones ($74.33) – $42.33 for the Mrs’ plan after the upgrade and $32 for mine.

Transport: $200

2 EZ Reload transaction for both of us and no cab trips for the whole month!

Departmental: $143

Clothing ($143) – We bought like 8-9 items from the Adidas Factory Outlet at Chinatown Point. That’s really our favourite joint to get some new casual or exercise attire.


Miscellaneous: $37

Movies ($37) – One movie with one of my best friends (unfortunately it was on a Friday) and a date night with the Mrs!

Total: $1,474.93

Overall Total: $3,296.93 (included fixed expenses of $1,822)


Month Expenses
January $3,122
February $4,193
March $3,449
April $3,291
May $6,172
June $3,500
July $3,975
August $4,875
September $3,297
Total $35,874
Monthly Average $3,986

10 thoughts on “Expenditure Update: September 2015

      1. Pib

        Can also buy sports stuff from the army shops where you can use your annual army reservist budget. They are cheap and good! I am still wearing them in au haha 😉

  1. LP

    Might want to check out Changi city point, accessible by mrt to at Expo, to check out factory outlets by various brands. There’s Adidas, Nike, timberland, and a few others. A good time to check out is when there are good sales happening at expo itself, then you can kill two stones with one bird (LOL).

    1. My 15 HWW Post author

      Hi LP,

      Yup, definitely know about Changi City Point and IMM. But somehow, the range in Chinatown Point’s is so much better!

      For Changi CIty Point, it’s more about the shoes at Skechers and Crocs for us.

    1. My 15 HWW Post author

      Hi Dividend Knight,

      Think on average, our total expenses should be around $4k. If we can lower it to $3,500 in 2016, it will be a success!