All The Basics About Gold And Silver

Ever since I shared how I bought some physical gold last year, I have been getting quite a lot of queries about bullion. (Just check out the amount of comments for that post!)

Honestly speaking, I am no expert on gold and not too long ago, I was actually quite against having any gold or silver in my investment portfolio.

However, seeing that it could actually be an alternative currency and a useful diversification in my investment portfolio, I made my first move two years ago and bought some Canadian Maple silver coins from BullionStar.

Those coins are sitting on some pretty decent paper gains over the past two years.

I Am Buying More

And right now, since I am advocating a form of permanent portfolio investing, I am looking to increase my exposure to this asset class.

Since I am already holding thousands of dollars worth of currencies in my house (please don’t rob me), I am actually quite reluctant to store more bullion in my house. 

What Are My Options?

I had initially believed that my only option left was the SPDR Gold Shares that is also listed on the local SGX, with an expense ratio of 0.40%, ERRONEOUSLY assuming that storage options are going to be more costly. 

Little did I know that there are storage options in Singapore that offered reasonable and competitive storage fees.

How Did I know All This?

By reading and even more time on researching.

And now, you have got a pretty good deal. Instead of spending hours ploughing through Google search results, all you have to do is just read this free resource on gold and silver investing to find out all the important basics about investing in gold and silver. 

This book is put together by various local financial bloggers and yours truly had a small part to play in the editing. So, do support and click here to download the ebook today!