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As I have mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I do enjoy other blogs. However, it’s really hard to spot a good blog during its infancy (unless you’re really lucky) and by the time I stumble onto them, most have already written tons of articles. (Some like ERE have even stopped writing new articles.)

And since I am a person who likes to plough through the history (maybe I am just a voyeur?) to look at the changes in the blogger’s philosophy, I had appreciated Mr Money Mustache’s All The Posts page. This eliminates the hassle of clicking many “previous” to start reading from the first post and also reduces the frustration of going through all the archives trying to locate a specific article one had read before.

Although it would be an exaggeration to say that my blog has grown to be as huge as MMM’s, this will be my 50th post on this humble blog stretched over almost half a year. Therefore, I have decided to set up a similar page to aid readers in the navigation of this site. These are the articles so far:


December 2013

More Government Help For Elderly Landed Property Owners?

Expenditure Update: November 13

November 2013

What Does It Take To Be A Millionaire Next Door?

Get Rich With…Geographical Arbitrage in Johor Bahru

Observations of Year End Bonus For Civil Servants

International Blogs I HIGHLY Recommend

Why I Am Not Too Keen On The Supplementary Retirement Scheme

Passive Income Update: October 13

Get Rich With: Walking

Why Early Retirement Is Not Possible For Most

Why I Don’t Really Enjoy Typical Vacations

Expenditure Update: October 13

October 2013

Stoicism And Its Positive Influence On My Life

Is There An Optimal Amount Of Emergency Funds To Keep?

Clarifications On My (Or Lack Of) Emergency Fund Situation

Know Your History To Predict Better

Why We Don’t Keep A Separate Emergency Fund

Passive Income Update: September 13

Book Review: The Secret Of Shelter Island

Aviva’s Term Insurance Promotion

How We Keep Our Insurance Expenses Low

Understanding The Basics Of Insurance

Expenditure Update: September 13

September 2013

What If I Need The Money 3 Years Later?!

Counter-productive For Performing Students To Have Tuition?

How’s The Blog Doing So Far?

Money Bomb 2: The Renovation

Financial Behaviour That Just Doesn’t Make Sense

Get Rich With.. Reading!

3 Reasons Not To Pay Off Your Mortgage Early

Mr Fredricksen Should Have Saved More For His Trip!

Aladdin’s Choice: Superior Saving Rate Or Superior Investment Return

Passive Income Update: August 13

Expenditure Update: August 13

August 2013

Our Fixed Expenses

Making HDBs More Affordable

Take Advantage Of The Volatile Market Through Dollar Cost Averaging

POSB: Our Friendly Banker Next Door

National Day Rally: Medishield Life & PSLE Changes

Money Bomb 1: The Wedding

You Won’t Want To Be Mr Average!

Holding Cash: Key To Sleeping Well At Night

Boglehead Or Buffettology? Do Both!

Reduce The Cost Of Owning A Phone

Recording Your Expenses

What’s Wrong With My 40 Hour Work Week

Why You Should Always Buy A BTO Flat – Part 2

July 2013

Why You Should Always Buy A BTO Flat – Part 1

Planning For My Ultimate Goal


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