Expenses Update: October 2017

There wasn’t many opportunities to spend alot of money in October as both of us were very busy with lessons during the exam period. We just spent slightly above $3,300 this month. And as always, we don’t really hold back on eating out.

We have just about used up the year’s budget. On hindsight, that was too lofty a goal and perhaps we should just congratulate ourselves if we can stick to $50,000 every year and be shielded from lifestyle inflation. Thus far, our average expense per month is about $4,166.

The next two months are likely to be spendier months as will be taking a break from work. Moreover, we will also be away for a one week vacation in Nov and Dec is the month of X’mas celebrations with friends and family.

Eating Out: $651.95

Hawker ($132.30) – 17 entries which also means we dine at hawkers/food centres/food courts once every other day. And we spend about $8 each time.

Fast Food ($42.30) – 2 Mac meals at SAFRA Punggol where we get to enjoy a complimentary Sundae when we order a meal. Quite shiok once in a while. And another meal at Wing Stop.

Restaurants ($477.35) – 15 entries which also means we dine at restaurants once every other day. And we spend about $32 each visit to a restaurant. A $500 monthly budget for this chief indulgence of ours seem to be fine for now.

Groceries: $214

Supermarket ($76.50) – Fewer visits to the supermarkets as we are trying to clear the fridge before our vacation.

Wet Market ($137.50) – 3 trips to the Kovan market and I need to start getting alternatives to Halibuts as the Mrs doesn’t like its fishy taste. Probably salmon, prawns and squid will rotate and take its place.

Beverages & Snacks: $32.80

Snacks ($17.40) – A trip to Gelare and a small tiramisu cake for the Mrs when she had a craving for it.

Beverages ($15.40) – A total of 4 cups of Koi green tea.

Utilities: $213.77

Electricity, Gas & Water ($116.57) – Electricity usage moderated to about 370kWh for this month. 38KWh of gas and 7.5 Cu M of water meant the bill added up to $116.57. With an additional aircon in the living room, our average utility bill has increased from $90 to $120.

Cellphones ($97.20) – $51.55 for me and $45.65 for the Mrs for our mobile services. Mine comes with upsized data to 7GB.

Transport: $100

1 EZ Reload transaction for each of us.

Departmental: $237.40

Clothes ($3.90) – Just a bag from Decathlon.

Books & Stationery ($233.50) – We purchased a new drum and some ink cartridges for our printer and one book for one of our student’s birthday.

Miscellaneous: $200

Gifts ($200) – A celebration of an auntie’s birthday. This includes a buffet meal and a small ang bao from the Mrs.

Total: $1,649.92
Overall Total: $3,310.92 (included fixed expenses of $1,661)


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