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If you’re new to the My 15HWW site, this page is a good reference to start from the very beginning of my blogging journey (still pretty short thus far) or to read specific articles that are of interest to you.

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January 2018

My Way of Paying It Forward

Portfolio Update: January 2018

Learning Through e2i’s ULeap App

Why I Have Never Topped Up My CPF (Yet)

How I could Benefit From The Booming Electronics Sector

Overcoming Some Of The Downsides Of Freelancing

Expenses Update: December 2017

December 2017

Thoughts On Cryptocurrency And Freeganism

A Review Of My Choices In 2017

Portfolio Update: December 2017

Expenses Update: November 2017

Why I Spent Some Time Researching On Nursing Homes

November 2017

Is $1 Million Enough For A Retirement In Singapore in 2017?

Portfolio Update: November 2017

Our Recent Vacation: The Hedonic Treadmill In Full Gear?

Net Worth Update: 2017 Edition

Expenses Update: October 2017

The New DBS Multiplier Account: The Best Savings Account For Frugal Millennials

October 2017

What If I Had Invested In Berkshire B For The Past 7 Years?

What If I Had Invested In The STI ETF For The Past 7 Years?

My Results After 7 Years In The Market

Portfolio Update: October 2017

3 New Local Early Retirement Blogs I Am Following

Expenses Update: September 2017

September 2017

Useful Thought Experiment: Spending $15,000 In A Month

Portfolio Update: September 2017

Being “Miserly” To The Mrs

Expenses Update: August 2017

A Thoughtful Teachers’ Day Gift

August 2017

Reflections On Optimisation And Benchmarking

Why I Would Refinance From HDB Concessionary Loan To POSB Home Loan

Portfolio Update: August 2017

Expenses Update: July 2017

July 2017

Fixed Expenses Update: 2017

Debunking 7 Myths Of Bank Home Loans

Portfolio Update: July 2017

Ditching OCBC 360… And Moving On To UOB One?

Expenses Update: June 2017

June 2017

Most Achievements Are Simple, But Not Easy

Investors Exchange 2017 (29 July)

Portfolio Update: June 2017

The Plight Of Low Income Singles Without A Home

Expenses Update: May 2017

May 2017

Portfolio Update: May 2017

The Big Three: Food, Housing And Transport Costs

Portfolio Goals For The Next Decade

Expenses Update: April 2017

April 2017

Freeing Up More Time And A Slower Accumulation Rate

Useful Thought Experiment: What If You Were To Die Exactly 10 Years Later?

Portfolio Update: April 2017

Can You Afford To Pay For Private Hospitalisation Plans In Your Old Age?

Expenses Update: March 2017

March 2017

15HWW Origins: Illness And The Passing Of My Mum

Portfolio Update: March 2017

Expenses Update: February 2017

Learn to Optimise Your CPF

Thoughts On The Blueprint For Singapore’s Future

Why I Am Staying With OCBC 360… For Now

February 2017

Pursuing Financial Independence Is A Privilege

Portfolio Update: February 2017

Thank You, My Mrs

Get Rich With… The Escape Artist

Expenses Update: January 2017

January 2017

The Millionaire Teacher

15HWW Annual Investment Performance Update: 2016

Portfolio Update: January 2017

Is Freelancing Worth It?

The 15HWW Permanent Portfolio Is Live!

Hedging With 3 Different Investing Strategies

Living Till Age 100?

By The Time You “Realise” You Can Or Cannot Beat The Market, It’s Too Late?

Expenses Update: December 2016

Can You Help, Please?

My First Talk On 12 Jan 2017: Do Show Your Support!

Our First Budget In Years: $42,000 in 2017

December 2016

A Review Of My Choices In 2016

Christmas Gifts And Exchanges: A Love-Hate Relationship

A Meet-Up With EarlyRetirementSG

15HWW Origins: The Inability To Conform In School

A Christmas Gift From POSB

Merry Christmas And A New Approach On This Blog In 2017

Portfolio Update: December 2016

Reviewing Workers’ Party Retrenchment Insurance Proposal

Expenses Update: November 2016

November 2016

Do I Have Enough Work For 2017? Fret Or Fret Not?

Portfolio Update: November 2016

Expenses Update: October 2016

October 2016

Our Net Worth –  2016 Edition

My Mistake On POSB Cashback Bonus

POSB Cashback Bonus: Not Falling For It

Portfolio Update: October 2016

Expenses Update: September 2016

September 2016

Portfolio Update: September 2016

Job Analysis in Singapore: Security Officer


Expenses Update: August 2016

August 2016

All The Basics About Gold And Silver

Why I Am Only Purchasing Term For Our Insurance Needs

How To Take A Career Break Without Worrying About Money

Portfolio Update: August 2016

Is Buying A More Expensive Home Always A Bad Financial Decision?

Affordable Hawker Fare At Bukit Panjang!

Expenses Update: July 2016

July 2016

Getting Rich: From Zero To Hero In One Blog Post

Smartphone Detox

Portfolio Update: July 2016

Fixed Expenses Update: 2016

Expenses Update: June 2016

June 2016

The Rationale Behind Mrs 15HWW’s New Career Path

Learning Points From Brexit

Know The Difference Between Financial Survival, Financial Security & Financial Independence

Portfolio Update: June 2016

7 Money Lessons From Tony Robbins

Expenses Update: May 2016

About Me – Update

May 2016

Make Financial Security Your First Long-Term Financial Goal

What’s Best For Me? Employee, Self-Employed, Entrepreneur or Retirement

Portfolio Update: May 2016

Is Crowdfunding Worth A Closer Look?

Expenses Update: April 2016

April 2016

5 Revelations From A Vacation

Portfolio Update: April 2016

4 Simple Steps To Financial Freedom Before 45

Expenses Update: March 2016

March 2016

The Mortgage Conundrum

Why Singaporeans Need To Be Given First Consideration For Jobs

My 25 Hour Work Week

Portfolio Update: March 2016

The Car Conundrum

Expenses Update: February 2016

February 2016

Insights From Mr Money Mustache

I Don’t Hate Working; I Just Hate The Office!

Portfolio Update: January 2016

The Mindset Change Needed To Beat Poverty

15HWW New Investment Strategy: Part II – My First 3 Guiding Principles

15HWW New Investment Strategy: Part I – Why I Am Not Picking Individual Stocks Anymore

Expenditure Update: January 2016

January 2016

Investors Make The Best LOSERS!

Health Or Wealth? How About Both?

15HWW Annual Investment Performance Update: 2015

Everything You Need To Know About The (Lack Of) Poverty Line!

Passive Income Update: December 2015

My $100K Emergency Fund

Expenses Update: December 2015

Investing Your First $20,000!

December 2015

A Review Of My Choices In 2015

Saving Money With The Big Value Bag!

Passive Income Update: November 2015

Quarter Retirement Before 30

Am I Blogging For the Right Reasons?

Should I Become An Uber Driver Or A Taxi Driver?

Expenditure Update: November 2015

November 2015

3 Hacks You Need To Know To Own A Brand New BTO

Passive Income Update: October 2015

Hedging Against A Short Life

How We Saved $250,000 At Age 28

Expenses Update: October 2015

October 2015

Reflections: 9 Completed Trades, $35,000 Profits

5 Observations I Made From PM Lee’s Speech On Tripartism At NDC

How I Buy Physical Gold In Singapore

Passive Income Update: September 2015

Mrs 15HWW Needs Your Help!

Why I Haven’t Bought Books Or DVDs In A Year

Our Net Worth – 2015 Edition

Off-Peak Lunch Last Friday!

Expenditure Update: September 2015

September 2015

Some Thoughts On The First Issue Of SSB

Luxury Items: It’s Not Just About The Sticker Price

Passive Income Update: August 2015

3 Investing Lessons I Learnt From The Recent Haze

Why I Am Relieved At The Landslide Victory For PAP

Why CPF Should Not Be Returned At Age 55?

Expenditure Update: August 15

Weekend Reading: 29 August – 4 September 2015

Singapore Savings Bonds: Get Ready To Pump Your Emergency Funds!

August 2015

Experiment: Wasting $1,000 in Singapore Instead Of Travelling

Weekend Reading: 22 – 28 August 2015

3 Reasons Why I Do Not Want The Stock Market To Crash

What’s Our Real Cashback % From The OCBC 365 Credit Card

Weekend Reading: 15-21 August 2015

Getting To Know Chan Chun Sing

Passive Income Update: July 2015

Weekend Reading: 8-14 August 2015

The 15HWW Definition of “Work”

Lee Kuan Yew & Warren Buffett: 5 Glaring Similarities Behind Their Success

A Controversial Take On Income From Blogging

Expenditure Update: July 15

July 2015

Happy 2nd Anniversary to My15HWW!

How Financial Assistance Might Be The Most Important Investment In My Life

Passive Income Update: June 2015

Fixed Expenses Update: 2015

Hindsight Insights Into the STI

Expenditure Update: June 15

June 2015

Top 10 Posts… For Now!

Comprehending The Ambition Monster

Lacking Ambition… Maybe Not?

Passive Income Update: May 15

Rising Interest Rates…Any Regrets?

Expenditure Update: May 15

May 2015

Yearly Investment Performance Update: 2014

My First Ever Bond Purchase

Passive Income Update: April 15

OCBC 360 Account: A Heavy-Hearted Update

Expenditure Update: April 15

April 2015

Passive Income Update: March 15

Thanks For The Easy $200, SAF!

Expenditure Update: March 15

March 2015

Singapore Savings Bonds: A.K.A LKY Bonds

My Life Under Lee Kuan Yew’s Singapore

Where Did $59,000 Go To In 2014?

Should You Build A Singapore Permanent Portfolio?

Passive Income Update: February 15

Expenditure Update: February 15

February 2015

If I Had A Million Dollars

Passive Income Update: January 14

Expenditure Update: January 14

January 2015

Passive Income Update: December 14

Stocks VS Properties: Painting An Equivalent Scenario

Expenditure Update: December 14

December 2014

2015 Goals

2014 Achievements

Passive Income Update: November 14

Why It’s Possible For Me To Take A 6-Month Sabbatical

Presenting The Case For Buying “A Little” Bullion

Expenditure Update: November 14

November 2014

When I Had My First ……

Could We Retire Today?

Passive Income Update: October 14

Weekend Reading For Novice Investors

The Infatuation With REITs

Divestment Of SIA Eng

Expenditure Update: October 14

October 2014

Retiring In A Cheaper City?

Asset Enhancement & Its Negative Consequences

“The New Good Life”

Exit From Phillip Capital ShareBuilder Plan

Get Rich With… Patience!

Passive Income Update: September 14

Block Your Calendar On 17 Jan 2015 (Sat)!

Asset Allocation And My Strategy

It’s Never Too Early To Start Investing

What Do Young Singaporeans Want For Our Future?

Expenditure Update: September 14

September 2014

Experiencing “Financial Joy”!

Reflections After 3 Months Of Semi-Retirement: Part 2 – The Bad

New Addition: Stuff I Like!

Passive Income Update: August 14

Reflections After 3 Months Of Semi-Retirement: Part 1 – The Good

Why I Am In Favour Of A Minimum Wage For Cleaners

Expenditure Update: August 14

August 2014

What’s Going To Happen In The Next 100 Years?!

The Lease Buyback Scheme: Worthwhile Or Not?

Our Net Worth: $0 or $500,000?

The National Day Rally And Our Retirement Adequacy

Passive Income Update: July 14

Welcome To The Future!

Expenditure Update: July 14

July 2014

Fixed Expenses Update: 2014

5 Reasons Why It Might Be Easier To Retire Early In Singapore

MediShield Life And Its Likely Impact On Us – Part 1

Passive Income Update: June 14

Lessons From Madam Goh Kah Keow

Expenditure Update: June 14

June 2014

Mrs 15HWW’s Take On Early Semi-Retirement

Value Investing Mastery Course With BigFatPurse

Tribute To Local Personal Finance Bloggers

Passive Income Update: May 14

Retiring From My First Job

OCBC 365 Credit Card: Annihilating The Competition?

Expenditure Update: May 14

May 2014

Lessons From My Brushes With Authority

Passive Income Update: April 14

Expenditure Update: April 14

April 2014

Money Mistake@19: AIA Achiever Plan

Passive Income Update: March 14

Why It’s So Hard To Quit A Job

OCBC 360 Account: An Amazing Product?!

Expenditure Update: March 14

March 2014

Curbing The Urge To Compare & Compete

Passive Income Update: February 14

Expenditure Update: February 14

February 2014

Passive Income Update: January 14

My Generation’s Aspirations And Concerns

Expenditure Update: January 14

January 2014

Why I Prefer Not To Feast During This Chinese New Year

My Investment (Out)Performance: 2010 to 2013

Growing “My” Tree Of Prosperity

Passive Income Update: December 13

STI ETF: What Exactly Am I Buying?

“Finances, My Wife and I” – Earlyretirementsg

Introducing… Earlyretirementsg!

Understanding Your Electricity Bills

Expenditure Update: December 13

December 2013

What Should Be The Appropriate Returns For My Siblings?

Don’t Let Frugality Descend Into Cheapness!!!

2014 Goals

2013 Achievements

Passive Income Update: November 13

Frugality: It’s Not Just About Saving Money!

Why Most Singaporeans Don’t Hold Government Bonds

New Addition: All The Posts

More Government Help For Elderly Landed Property Owners?

Expenditure Update: November 13

November 2013

What Does It Take To Be A Millionaire Next Door?

Get Rich With…Geographical Arbitrage in Johor Bahru

Observations of Year End Bonus For Civil Servants

International Blogs I HIGHLY Recommend

Why I Am Not Too Keen On The Supplementary Retirement Scheme

Passive Income Update: October 13

Get Rich With: Walking

Why Early Retirement Is Not Possible For Most

Why I Don’t Really Enjoy Typical Vacations

Expenditure Update: October 13

October 2013

Stoicism And Its Positive Influence On My Life

Is There An Optimal Amount Of Emergency Funds To Keep?

Clarifications On My (Or Lack Of) Emergency Fund Situation

Know Your History To Predict Better

Why We Don’t Keep A Separate Emergency Fund

Passive Income Update: September 13

Book Review: The Secret Of Shelter Island

Aviva’s Term Insurance Promotion

How We Keep Our Insurance Expenses Low

Understanding The Basics Of Insurance

Expenditure Update: September 13

September 2013

What If I Need The Money 3 Years Later?!

Counter-productive For Performing Students To Have Tuition?

How’s The Blog Doing So Far?

Money Bomb 2: The Renovation

Financial Behaviour That Just Doesn’t Make Sense

Get Rich With.. Reading!

3 Reasons Not To Pay Off Your Mortgage Early

Mr Fredricksen Should Have Saved More For His Trip!

Aladdin’s Choice: Superior Saving Rate Or Superior Investment Return

Passive Income Update: August 13

Expenditure Update: August 13

August 2013

Our Fixed Expenses

Making HDBs More Affordable

Take Advantage Of The Volatile Market Through Dollar Cost Averaging

POSB: Our Friendly Banker Next Door

National Day Rally: Medishield Life & PSLE Changes

Money Bomb 1: The Wedding

You Won’t Want To Be Mr Average!

Holding Cash: Key To Sleeping Well At Night

Boglehead Or Buffettology? Do Both!

Reduce The Cost Of Owning A Phone

Recording Your Expenses

What’s Wrong With My 40 Hour Work Week

Why You Should Always Buy A BTO Flat – Part 2

July 2013

Why You Should Always Buy A BTO Flat – Part 1

Planning For My Ultimate Goal

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